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Live – The WHO predicts that “a large number” will be hospitalized even if Omigran becomes less dangerous.


Govt 19: Gerald Dormann asks editors to “block” New Year’s Eve rallies

On Tuesday, the interior minister called on chief ministers to take action to “prevent crowds” and impose the imposition of New Year’s Eve masks, especially in the city center, in the face of a galaxy of omigran variations in France.

Gerald Durman pointed out in a telegram to prefectural leaders consulted by the AFP, “Considering the local circumstances, do not hesitate to block gestures or actions that are not known to meet the conditions that allow respect for social distance.”

The minister called on the police to guarantee the “biggest commitment” against “arbitrary” meetings and the “sufficient presence” and the measures already announced by the government from Friday to Saturday night, such as banning alcohol on public roads. .

Finland blocks the entry of unvaccinated foreign travelers

Foreign travelers who have not been vaccinated against Covit-19 will not be able to enter Finland as of Tuesday, even with a negative test, the government announced in the face of Omigron waves.

The Interior Ministry announced after the government meeting that only foreign travelers can enter with a negative Govt-19 test and prove complete immunization or past infection.

A Border Patrol spokesman confirmed to AFP that foreigners who were not vaccinated on the exception list (Finland residents, essential staff, ambassadors, etc.) would be deported.

What new penalties are planned for those with the wrong vaccination pass?

The Ministry of Justice has reviewed the new penalties imposed by the draft Vaccine Admission Act for those who use or send false passports. The bill also seeks to impose fines on operators who do not control customer passes.

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Penalties for crimes are here:

1. The flat-rate fine is € 1,000 compared to the current 135;

2️⃣ Failure to control the pass of the operator of the public receiving institution will now be punished from the first failure. 1000 fine Current law only allows repression from the 3rd violation within 45 days

30 As usual, holders of false permits will now be punished 5 years imprisonment and a fine of 75,000

>> Details of the activities can be found here

The WHO predicts that “high numbers” will be hospitalized even if Omicron becomes less dangerous

The rapid spread of the Omigran variant will result in “hospitalization of a large number of Kovit-19 patients,” although it may become slightly less dangerous than its predecessors, the European Branch of the WHO warned on Tuesday.

“The rapid increase in Omicron, a rapid increase we see in many countries, even when combined with slightly less serious illnesses, can lead to even greater hospitalizations, especially among those who have not been vaccinated,” said Catherine Smallwood. WHO Europe officials.

Jean Costex recalls the importance of the vaccine for pregnant women

From the Créteil hospital center he visited, Jean Castex stressed the importance of vaccination among pregnant women, “by mistake, those who are afraid to vaccinate their baby”.

“There was a patient in the service who was not vaccinated in this situation. Apparently, its effects were very devastating,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister announced a bonus of 100 euros per month for nurses in critical care services

During his visit to a revitalization center in Créteil, Jean Costex announced a monthly premium of 100 euros for nurses on important maintenance services from January 2022.

“In the name of the government, and at the request of the President, I want to show them appreciation and support, but I also want to show not only moral support, but also the meaning of the Republican government,” Jean declared. Costex.

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Jean Castex triggers a “very tense situation” in hospitals

Prime Minister Jean Castex, who accompanied Health Minister Olivier Véran to the intensive care unit in Créteil, spoke of the “very tense, very difficult situation” in French hospitals.

There is also the possibility of insisting on vaccination. Jean Castex spoke of “the majority of patients admitted to the hospital for Govt. Were not vaccinated.”

Many negative “tests” are required to return to school if there is a positive case in class

The morning guest of France Inter, National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker announced a significant change in school health protocol. If a positive case is found in a class, the students in that class do not have to give a negative test, but “several tests will be conducted at intervals of several days”.

The length of time between the negative tests to be given is yet to be discussed.

No new activities are planned in the UK by the end of this year

Boris Johnson announced that the United Kingdom, plagued by a major epidemic of the Omigran variant, was not considering any new restrictions at this time.

“We are constantly monitoring the development of the indicators, but there will be no additional restrictions in the UK before the New Year. However, as the number of variant Omicron cases is increasing, I urge everyone to be vigilant,” the Prime Minister said on Twitter.

So the discos are open and large gatherings are allowed for the New Year.

U.S. health officials have halved the time it takes to isolate patients

10 to 5 days. U.S. health officials announced Monday that they had halved the recommended isolation time for those who are positive for Covit-19.

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Beyond such a long isolated burden on the American economy, beyond a wave threat, it is scientific data that is the impetus for this regulatory change. In fact, according to the CDC, most infections occur one to two days before symptoms appear and two to three days after.

As announced by Jean Costex, the French executive will rule on the same question “over the weekend”.

>> All the details are here

Back to School, New Year’s Day, Teleworking … What to remember from Costex and Veron announcements

Prime Minister Jean Costex and his health minister, Olivier Warren, announced this Monday the decisions taken by the Health Care Council a few hours earlier.

Under the new restrictions, measurements will be withdrawn at large meetings and mandatory delivery 3 to 4 days a week.

On the other hand, the curfew order for the New Year celebration was rejected because the start of the school year could be postponed.

>> Details of new activities can be found here

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