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Live – Tribute to Prince Philip: The royal family leaves Westminster Abbey

Live – Tribute to Prince Philip: The royal family leaves Westminster Abbey

The queen looks scarred and moved

If the Queen did not appear in public view, photographers were able to capture a snapshot of the Sovereignty through the window of his chariot with Prince Andrew.

British newspapers also broadcast photos taken during the ceremony in honor of Prince Philip. The queen appears there with eyes shining with tears.

“The Queen’s Tears for Philip”, the title reads Dailymail.

Queen Elizabeth II (L) and Prince Andrew arrived by car at a ceremony in Westminster Abbey in London on March 29, 2022 in memory of Prince Philip.

Kings from all over Europe are here

With the exception of the entire royal family – except Harry – kings from all over Europe have come to pay their respects to Prince Philip.

King Philippe of Spain came to attend the ceremony, with Prince Rainier of Monaco, without Charlene, not yet healed, and King Philippe of Belgium.

The ceremony is over

The Royal Family heads out of Westminster Abbey to ring the bells and visit the public. The Queen, on the other hand, in the arms of Prince Andrew, went back through the side door of the abbey.

The exit is very ceremonial and is done in the row next to the throne. So Prince Charles came out first, followed by his son William, Kate Middleton and their children George and Charlotte.

The Queen attends the mass as a tribute to Philip

The BBC is the only media outlet that has the rights to broadcast images of the festival. We see the Queen standing next to Prince Charles. He wears a green coat just like his daughter Princess Anne and daughter-in-law Camila. It is actually the color of Scotland, hence the color of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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The Queen is in Westminster Abbey

The Queen took the back door to access Westminster Abbey and avoid the fatigue of a long journey.

If the public cannot see her entering the chapel, the presence of the king’s floating above the chapel is a sign that the queen is really inside.

The Queen came with Prince Andrew. An emblem, the prince has emerged from a catastrophic affair for the image of the royal family. The prince had to abandon all of his official activities. He was removed from all his sponsorships and military duties.

William and Kate come with their children

Prince William, his wife Kate and their first two children George and Charlotte are coming to Westminster Abbey.

Prince Charles came to Westminster

Prince Charles came with his wife Camila Parker-Pauls. The queen gradually hands over to her eldest son, who will follow him after he dies. The Sovereign recently announced his intention to have Charles’ wife as Queen’s wife. A strong signal was sent to Camila that she had been able to develop her popularity with the British in recent years.

Prince Charles at Westminster Abbey, March 29, 2022.
Prince Charles at Westminster Abbey, March 29, 2022. © BFMTV

Boris Johnson came to Westminster Abbey

The ceremony will be attended by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson paid tribute to the Queen on her birthday, February 6.

The Prime Minister said that today marks a truly historic moment as his majesty matched Queen as the first British monarch to celebrate the Platinum Festival. Stimulates a sense of duty and unwavering devotion to the nation “

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Prince Andrew will accompany the Queen

According to the ceremony Prince Andrew will attend. He has long been described as Elizabeth II’s favorite son, and has maintained a low profile since 2001 when he was accused of sexually abusing US Virginia Gufrey. The 61-year-old prince, who was threatened with trial in the United States, has finally reached a secret agreement with the accused, but his reputation has been severely damaged.

Prince Harry did not attend the ceremony

Among those not announced was Prince Harry, along with his wife Meghan, who announced that he would relinquish his key role in the British royal family in 2020. The couple and their two children now live in California.

The prince did not explain his absence. Anyway, the tabloid press caught on to the information. The The sun Title: “Harry Grab Philip”.

When he last came to the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana, he realized that his security had not been adequately ensured. He demands protection from Scotland Yard, which denies it.

Tribute to the Queen’s husband Philip for 73 years

The festival for Philip aims to pay tribute to the man who supported Elizabeth II for more than seven decades and to her four children.

Last April, shortly before her 100th birthday, her death took place against the backdrop of strict anti-Govt restrictions, which imposed funeral rites in small groups, symbolizing the image of the Queen seated alone in the Windsor Chapel.

Members of the British royal family and several foreign coroners are expected on Tuesday.

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The Queen’s presence was confirmed

His services have so far cast doubt on his existence. But the King, who is celebrating his 96th birthday in April, appeared on April 9, 2021 at an event released by Buckingham Palace to pay tribute to Prince Philip, who died at the age of 99 at 10:30 GMT. He was confirmed dead just over an hour ago.

The public appearances of the Queen have become very rare in recent months. Especially since Kovid was for sovereignty at the end of February. He met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on March 7.

However, in mid-March, he canceled at the last minute his participation in a religious service organized as part of the annual Commonwealth Day. He finally wanted to be represented by his son Charles