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Live Ukraine war: Zelensky pays tribute to “courage” of his troops fighting in Bagmouth



Russian leader Wagner has warned that the front line will collapse if forced out of Bagmut

Russian mercenary founder Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin has again warned that his forces are still running out of ammunition. He warned in a video that if these fighters were forced to retreat, the entire front would collapse.


An air raid alert has been issued across the country


The Ukrainians retained access to Bagmouth

National Guard Lt. Volodymyr Nazarenko told CNN that Ukrainian forces are maintaining a key route in and out of Baghmut. “Ukrainian armed forces hold the Pakmut-Kostintinivka highway, which is very stable,” he said. This route is important for supplying the city. According to him, the new reserves have come as reinforcements to conduct security in the city.


Russia can use tanks from the 50s

According to the British Ministry of Defence, the Russian army could use old tanks from the 1950s to push forward and prevent losses already incurred. These Soviet-made T-62 tanks were first used in 1954. These tanks are said to be modernized. However, according to the ministry, these tanks do not have armor capable of countering current weapons.


Tennis player Marta Kostyuk dedicated her first WTA title to the victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

After scoring the winning point, the young woman collapsed on the court in tears before speaking at the awards ceremony. “I want to dedicate this title to Ukraine and all the people who are fighting and dying right now,” he said. “Obviously it’s a very special moment for me,” he added.


Visit of the Russian Defense Minister to Mariupol

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the city of Mariupol in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, which was seized by Russian forces last year after a months-long siege.

“As part of a trip to the area of ​​special military operation, Sergei Shoigu inspected already reconstructed infrastructure sites and new construction sites in Mariupol,” the ministry said. The minister visited a new residential district with a medical center and twelve buildings. He was also briefed on the construction of a major aqueduct connecting the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) in eastern Ukraine with Russia’s Rostov region.


Delays in payments from international funds to supply arms to Ukraine

A British-led €587 million international fund to arm Ukraine has disbursed only €226 million. The UK Ministry of Defense admitted that awarding the contracts “inevitably took time”. Launched last August, the International Fund for Ukraine is in principle “a flexible, less bureaucratic fund” for emergency response.



Ukraine bids to seize ammonia from Russians

The Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA) has auctioned a batch of 9,739 tonnes of ammonia seized from Russia till March 14. These assets are held in insulated storage facilities in Odessa. The funds raised will be used for the defense needs of the country. ARMA has already sold 32,000 tons of Russian ammonia for a total of 28 million euros.


Day of Mourning in Zaporizhia to pay tribute to the victims of the March 2 bombings

The mayor of Zaporizhia, in southern Ukraine, declared Monday a day of mourning after 13 people were killed in a shelling attack on a residential building on March 2. As search and rescue operations are over, 5 people are still missing.


Baghmoud, “painful and difficult war,” says Ukraine’s president

“I would like to pay special tribute to the bravery, strength and resilience of the soldiers fighting in the Donbass,” Volodymyr Zelensky said in his statement, as Bagmouth has become the center of an all-out war in this region in the east of the country. Sunday Daily News.

He emphasized that the battle was “painful and difficult” with months of artillery battles and muddy trenches causing heavy losses on both sides.


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