Sunday, July 21, 2024

LIVE – War in Ukraine: At least six dead in strike in Donetsk region


Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed 5 Ukrainian ambassadors abroad

Ukrainian President Voloymyr Zelensky has suspended five Ukrainian ambassadors abroad, including Andriï Melnik in Berlin, apparently judging that he has intimidated Germany’s support for his country.

“Usually a simple cycle,” he promised.

At least 6 killed in attack on building in eastern Ukraine

A Russian attack on an apartment building in Chasiv Yar, eastern Ukraine, killed at least six people and wounded five others, the governor announced Sunday, adding that about 30 people were still trapped under the rubble.

“Rescue operations are underway. Rescuers managed to bring six dead and five wounded to the surface,” Pavlo Kyrilenko, the governor of Donetsk region, which the Russian military wants to seize, said in a telegram.

>> All we know about this attack is reading Here.

Gas standoff between Berlin and Kiev: Canada decides to return turbines of Russia’s gas pipeline to Germany

Canada decided on Saturday to return turbines for Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipeline to Germany to ease an energy crisis with Russia, despite pleas from Ukraine to “not bow to the Kremlin’s threat.”

“Canada will issue a revocable, time-limited permit to Siemens Canada that will allow the repaired Nordstream 1 turbines to be returned to Germany, supporting Europe’s ability to access reliable and affordable energy,” said Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson.

Ukraine urged Canada not to return turbines currently at Siemens Group factories near Montreal, Quebec. Russian gas group Gazprom triggered the work in mid-June to justify cutting supplies to Germany via the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

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Ukraine’s deputy prime minister warns people in occupied territories: ‘There will be massive fighting’

If the attackers and the attacked hit the ground running, Kiev expects new Russian attacks. The Russian army is “in the process of regrouping, or rather reorganizing its groups and preparing new operations in Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Bagmouth”, assessed the governor of the Donetsk region, Pavlo Kyrilenko, in a telegram on Friday.

Lugansk Governor Sergiy Gaidai said on Saturday that Russian forces targeted the Donetsk region from their bases in the “completely non-occupying” and “continually fighting” Lugansk region.

Separately, Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk was quoted by Ukrainian media as calling for the evacuation of the population of areas occupied by the Russian army by all possible means: “There will be massive clashes,” she warned.

Volodymyr Zelensky condemns “brutal strikes” by Russians in the east of the country

If Russian troops have not registered significant advances on the ground in recent days, their strikes do not mark any pause. Thus, in his traditional nocturnal intervention, Volodymyr Zelensky lamented a few hours earlier in the Donbass, the gradually conquered eastern Ukraine, “The ferocious attacks of the Russian artillery will not stop for a day, Sloviansk, Bagmouth, Avtivka…”. .

The Ukrainian president asked his country’s allies for “modern and powerful” weapons to defend themselves.

“In one day, Russia attacked the villages of Mykolayiv (south), Kharkiv (northeast), Krivy Ryk (hometown of Volodymyr Zelensky in the east, editor’s note), Zaporizhzhia region (east)… It attacked (… ) deliberately, deliberately, simply “There are houses, civilian objects, people. There are victims, dead, injured,” he listed.

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