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LIVE – War in Ukraine: At least three dead in Russian strike in Kherson




The British Ministry of Defense announces that the Wagner group has captured “most of the eastern sector” “within the last four days”. “Ukrainian forces control the western part of the city and have demolished the main bridges over the river,” the ministry said.


According to the Zaporizhia military administration, the region was the target of new Russian attacks this Saturday using S-300 missiles. While the nuclear power plant was not affected, according to a statement by local authorities, “critical infrastructure of the regional center’s survival facility” was affected.


This Saturday, Iranian media reported that Tehran had reached an agreement with Russia to supply several Su-35 fighter jets. The transaction further expands relations between the two countries, already very important since the start of the war in Ukraine. For months, Moscow has been using Iranian-designed drones to launch attacks on Ukraine.


The Russians are now more than a kilometer from the center of Bagmouth, which Moscow troops have been trying to take since the summer, said Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the paramilitary group Wagner.

“This is the municipal administration building, the administrative center of the city,” he said, pointing from the roof of one building to another, which he said was Bagmouth. Published by his company Concord Press Service. “This is the area, there’s a fight going on.”

Olympics 2024

The British government has asked Olympic sponsors, including Coca-Cola and Samsung, to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes in Paris next year. Games.

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“We know that sport and politics are closely linked in Russia and Belarus, and we are determined that the Russian and Belarusian regimes will not be allowed to use sport for propaganda purposes,” British Culture Minister Lucy Fraser wrote. The leaders of the IOC’s 13 official global partners, including Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Samsung and Deloitte.

“As an Olympic stakeholder, I would like to hear your views on the matter and request you to join us in lobbying the IOC to address the concerns raised,” he added.


Greenpeace said the French nuclear industry is “under the influence” of Russia, which controls more than 40% of natural uranium imports from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and a third of enriched uranium, according to the NGO.

In 2022, the year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “almost half of the natural uranium imported to France came from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan”, 43% exactly, underlined Greenpeace in a report published two days before the start of consideration by the National Assembly. A bill aimed at speeding up the construction of new nuclear reactors.

However, according to the NGO, “almost all natural uranium from Kazakhstan and a significant portion from Uzbekistan pass through the hands of Rosatom, which controls the transport of all nuclear materials (the Russian civil nuclear monopoly, editor’s note). Transport on Russian soil”, via rail convoys to the port of St. Petersburg. , then cargo ships to France.

The Gerson Strike

At least three people were killed and two others wounded in a Russian attack in Kherson in southern Ukraine, officials said on Saturday, two days after deadly artillery attacks.

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Oleksandr Prokudin, head of the Kherson regional military administration, said in a telegram that “it was known that three people were killed and two wounded at the site of an enemy attack on the highway (which connects) Mykolaiv in Kherson. “Relief operations are continuing” at the site, he added.


The city of Pakmud in the Donbass has become an urban symbol of Ukrainian resistance. Despite Russia’s advances, Kiev forces have been fighting back for weeks. However, the city would fall to Moscow in the coming days.

War in Ukraine: Ukrainian army continues resistance in Bakhmaut, DonbassSource: TF1 News


Massive protests in Georgia forced the government to drop a bill that critics likened to a Russian repressive law that Russia on Friday described as an “attempted” Western coup. The Russian president said he saw in the mobilization the “hand” of the US trying to stoke “anti-Russian sentiment”.

After three days of protests by tens of thousands of people, which at times erupted into violence, the Georgian parliament finally withdrew the controversial speech on Friday. Earlier in the day, the government also announced the release of all those arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday, as promised.


Ukraine paid tribute to a fallen war hero in Baghmouth in the presence of Volodymyr Zelensky. As France and the United Kingdom renew their support for Kyiv, Moscow is showing its closeness to Beijing.

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