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Live – War in Ukraine: Donbass according to Q “the main target” of the Russians


An explosion was heard in the queue

Large explosions were heard in the queue overnight from Thursday to Friday. Reuters news agency reported

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the area in early April, it seems to be one of the biggest bombings in the Ukrainian capital region, the news agency reported.

Zhelensky warns that Donbass is the “main target” of Russian forces

In his evening ceremony video message, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky described the Donbass as the “main target” of Russian forces seeking to “destroy” the region.

“Russian ships can only go down,” he added. Kyiv reports that a Russian ship in the Black Sea has sunk after being hit by a Ukrainian missile.

The Russian politician has been accused of campaigning in the United States

A Russian politician, Alexander BabakovIt has already been targeted in the past by international sanctions, and two of its collaborators were indicted by U.S. courts on Thursday. Illegal influence and propaganda activities against Ukraine On American soil, prosecutors in New York said.

Duma’s deputy Alexander Babakov and two of his associates are suspected of operating under the guise of a voluntary organization called the “Institute for Research for International Coordination” to carry out their operations in Ukraine before 2012.

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The Pentagon considers the loss of the Moscow ship a “hard blow” to the Russian navy in the Black Sea.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Thursday that the loss of the Russian Navy’s first cruiser, Moscow, in the Black Sea was a “major blow” to the Russian navy in the region.

A U.S. spokesman for the CNN channel said the ship was “a key component of their efforts to establish naval dominance in the Black Sea” because it would have implications for their “combat capabilities”.

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CIA warns of nuclear threat posed by Putin

CIA chief William Burns said on Thursday that the military setback in Ukraine could prompt Russian President Vladimir Putin to use a tactical or low-powered nuclear weapon there.

“None of us can accept the threat posed by tactical nuclear weapons or the potential use of low-powered nuclear weapons, considering the setbacks they have faced so far from a military perspective, as President Putin and the Russian leadership may sink into despair,” William Burns said in a speech in Atlanta.

“Obviously we are very concerned. I know that President (Joe) Biden is deeply concerned about the danger of World War III and is doing everything he can to prevent a nuclear conflict from becoming possible,” he added.

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