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Live – War in Ukraine: Fierce fighting in Severodonetsk, new warning from Moscow


“The enemy continues to destroy Chevroletonetsk”: Governor of the Lukansk region gives an update on the situation in Donbass

The governor of the Lugansk region, Sergei Kaita, aired this Tuesday Telegraph Progress report on the situation in Chevroletonetsk, a city in Donbass where heavy fighting is taking place between Ukrainians and Russians.

“Currently, the enemy continues to destroy Severodonetsk, the fighting continues. The Russian offensive in the direction of Novooktyrka and Voronove was repulsed. In the field of Bilohorivka, the enemy continues sabotage and authorization groups,” he explained.

“One tank, three artillery systems, two armored vehicles, a car and two armories,” he said, adding that Moscow had suffered significant material losses.

British intelligence confirms Ukrainians’ resumption in Chevroletonetsk

In its daily progress report, which aired on social media, the British Ministry of Defense’s intelligence service pointed out that the Ukrainians were based in Severdonetsk, but that the Russians’ aim was to actually control the entire city.

“This weekend, Ukrainian forces have re-established themselves in Severodonetsk, but Russian forces continue to occupy the eastern districts of the city. Russia’s strategy is to no doubt sever Severodonetsk from the north and south,” the report read first.

Before noting that Russian motives have not changed. “Russia landed on the southern axis of Bopasna in May, but its advances were halted over the weekend.

“Russia must certainly move forward on one of these axes in order to turn tactical gains into operational victories and move towards its political goal of controlling the Donetsk region.”

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Ukraine has already exhibited its ongoing war at the Museum

Launched on May 8, an exhibition entitled “Ukraine – Crucifixion” is currently taking place in kyiv at the World War II Museum of History in Ukraine.

It brings together real items collected between April 4 and May 5, especially in the liberated area north of kyiv. In particular, military boots, personal notes and credit cards of Russian soldiers can be found on the front.

Visitors visit Russian passports at the exhibition “Ukraine – Crucifixion” presented in kyiv on June 4, 2022. © GENYA SAVILOV / AFP

Passports showing the youth of Russian soldiers are also issued. Finally, the viewer can see the missiles embedded in a window.

“Here you can see and touch the war with your finger,” Commissioner Iuri Chaudhry told the Agency France-Press. “That, too, is the goal: to shock people by realizing what is happening.”

Russia has expanded its list of Americans barred from entering

In retaliation for similar sanctions imposed by Washington over the attack on Ukraine, Russian diplomacy on Monday extended the list of US citizens barred from entering Russia, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

In late May, Moscow released a list of 963 people banned from Russian soil, including US President Joe Biden, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and actor Morgan Freeman.

Washington accuses Moscow of “intimidating” American media reporters

The United States on Monday accused US media reporters in Moscow of being “threatened” by Russia, summoned by Russian diplomats and threatened to retaliate against them due to US sanctions.

US State Department spokeswoman Netflix told reporters in Washington that “the Russian Foreign Ministry has invited your colleagues to ‘explain to them the consequences of their government’s hostility to the media.

“Let it be clear, the Kremlin is launching a full-scale attack on press freedom, access to information and truth,” he said, condemning “a clear and blatant attempt to intimidate independent journalists.”

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Welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the news of the war in Ukraine

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