May 26, 2024

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LIVE – War in Ukraine: Heavy Russian missile attack at Q, rare attack in broad daylight

LIVE – War in Ukraine: Heavy Russian missile attack at Q, rare attack in broad daylight


Putin congratulated Erdogan

The Russian president “warmly” congratulated Turkey’s re-elected president Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a phone conversation, hoping the victory would open up “perspectives” to strengthen their ties.

“The support shown by the Turkish people to their leader opens up additional opportunities to improve practical bilateral cooperation in various fields,” Vladimir Putin said during the meeting, according to a Kremlin statement.

The Russian head of state “underlined his great contribution to the constructive and mutually beneficial development of Russian-Turkish relations,” the Kremlin added.

Warsaw sanctions Minsk

Poland imposed new sanctions against 365 Belarusians, including 159 MPs, and announced the closure of the only border crossing with the country for trucks registered in Belarus and Russia.

Among the Belarusian nationals admitted by Warsaw are dozens of judges, local officials and pro-Minsk athletes and journalists. All of them will be banned from entering Poland and the Schengen area, and their assets will be frozen, the Polish Interior Ministry said.

Española Militia: Anti-Ukraine Thugs

Recently, a Russian military called the Kremlin has been included among the most radical rogue groups in Russia and the Donbass. On the LCI set, Nivin Botros explains to us what we know about the troubled “Espanola” fighters.

LCI: A Russian army recruits thugsSource: TF1 News


Ukrainian MPs have adopted a draft of sanctions against Iran, a country accused of supplying weapons for Moscow’s invasion, marking a rift between Kyiv and the Islamic Republic.

“This resolution harmonizes the Ukrainian sanctions with the actions of the entire civilized world, on the path to complete isolation of Iran,” the Ukrainian parliament said on its website.

Russian bombing

From Kharkiv, LCI’s special envoy, Mélina Huet, testifies to the latest series of Russian attacks on Ukraine.

LCI: Live from KharkivSource: TF1 News


Ukraine’s parliament has imposed economic sanctions against Iran, considered Moscow’s ally.

Denmark: an additional 2 billion

Denmark will give Ukraine almost 2.4 billion additional euros in funds mainly intended to buy military equipment, its prime minister announced.

“The war in Ukraine is at a very critical stage, there is a serious situation on the battlefield, so Ukraine needs all possible support,” Med Frederiksen said.

He said the fund created in March would supplement the envelope of seven billion Danish crowns (about 950 million euros) already planned for 2023 by an additional 7.5 billion crowns. And 10.4 billion will be released for 2024 “because there is no sign that next year will be a year of peace”.

kyiv: attack in broad daylight

Russia fired a barrage of missiles at Kiev, causing panic among residents trying to take shelter from the rare attack launched in broad daylight and after another night of attacks on Ukraine.

Faced with the force and intensity of the explosions during interceptions by Russian missiles, many residents rushed to take shelter in underground shelters, particularly in the metro. According to the capital’s administration, 41,000 people would have gone to shelters, including nearly 9,000 in the metro.

An Uzbek dies in Ukraine

Uzbekistan announced the death of one of its citizens fighting in Ukraine among Wagner’s mercenaries. “The body of a man fighting in the private military company Wagner has been returned to the airport of Namangan, a city in the east of the country,” a local police official told AFP. “He was later taken to the Pergana area where he was,” he said.

Russia is a priority destination for hundreds of thousands of Central Asian migrants, who are economically disadvantaged, far from their countries of origin and usually Russian-speaking, as recruitment targets for the Russian military.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, local media reported the deaths of dozens of Central Asian citizens who were either willingly or forcibly recruited by Russia. According to the SGB, the slain man went to work in Russia to “support his family” and “earned a little money”.

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Russian attack

Moscow has been increasing pressure on Ukraine with a series of new strikes targeting the capital and its region.


Russia “Destroyed” All Its Targets

Russia said it had struck “airports” in Ukraine overnight and “destroyed” all its targets, hours after Kiev announced that a military base in the west of the country had been attacked from Moscow.

“All designated targets have been destroyed,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, without specifying the locations of the strikes. “Command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, radar posts, as well as facilities for storing aviation equipment, weapons and ammunition were affected,” he said.

Strike report

Ukraine said in a statement that it had shot down 11 Iskander missiles launched by Russia on Monday. “Anti-aircraft defenses destroyed all targets,” said Valery Salushny, chief of staff of the Ukrainian army.

For its part, Russia says it has hit “airports” and “destroyed” all its targets, according to its Defense Ministry, which it refers to as “command posts, radar posts and aircraft equipment, storage facilities.” Weapons and ammunition of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were affected.

One person was injured following a strike at the morning queue

According to Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, one person was injured and hospitalized following the strike that hit Kew in the morning. According to the military administration, debris from downed missiles fell in at least three neighborhoods located north and east of the capital.

“All (Russian) air targets have been successfully hit by anti-aircraft defenses,” Vitali Klitschko said, criticizing the fact that “the Russians have clearly demonstrated that they aim to destroy civilians.”

Strike on Ukrainian military base

A military base in western Ukraine was hit by a Russian attack overnight, the Khmelnytsky region administration said in a rare public statement.

“Russian troops attacked a number of bases, including a military one in the Khmelnytsky region,” the administration said in a telegram. “Fire at fuel depots” and “Five flying devices taken out of service”, gave no further details.


Ukraine intercepted 37 Russian cruise missiles and 29 combat drones during a new night attack on Moscow, Ukrainian military commander Valery Zaluzny said.

“Last night, the aggressors attacked military bases and critical infrastructure in Ukraine by launching “40 cruise missiles” from aircraft over the Caspian and “about 35 drones” from the north and south, he said in Telegram.

Firing a Storm Shadow Missile

From May 12, the Ukrainians began using British missiles, known as “Storm Shadow”, which have a range of up to 250 kilometers. According to the Ukrainian Defense Minister, “so far 100% of the set targets have been achieved.”

Ukraine: “100% win”, Kyiv’s deadly weaponSource: TF1 News

15th drone strike in Kiev

Kiev was hit again overnight by drones and missiles that exploded from Sunday to Monday, less than 24 hours after experiencing its biggest drone strike since the war began, according to military officials.

It was the 15th attack targeting the Ukrainian capital since early May, using TU-95MS strategic bombers and cruise missiles launched by explosive drones, Kyiv’s civil and military administration said on its Telegram channel.

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