April 22, 2024

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LIVE – War in Ukraine: kyiv hopes US won't “give up” in Russia's face

This Sunday, kyiv says half of promised western weapons were delivered late.
For his part, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Simehal says he is confident the United States will not “abandon” his country in the face of Russia.
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War in Ukraine: Attacks on the Rise in Russia

Meeting at Elysee

The President will take more than two dozen heads of state and government or their ministerial representatives to a conference in support of Ukraine at the Elysee Palace on Monday, Emmanuel Macron announced in a press release this Sunday.

“Two years after the start of the invasion of Ukraine, the participants will reaffirm their solidarity and their determination to defeat the Russian-led war of aggression in Ukraine. This conference will be an opportunity to share the findings of the situation. The deep destabilization caused by Russia and its renewed aggression against Ukraine and against Europe. Ukraine and its people. This will allow leaders to study available mechanisms to respond to needs with greater speed and efficiency.Details of the document.

Kyiv turns its trust in Washington

Very significant delays in deliveries

Ukraine's Defense Minister Roustam Umerov said on Sunday that half of the Western weapons promised to Ukraine are being delivered late. Because of these delays, “we're losing people, we're losing territories,” he added.

London is happy to further freeze Russian assets

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Sunday called on the West to be “bold” by seizing frozen Russian assets for redistribution to Ukraine, and initially pleaded with Kiev to send interest on these assets.

“It starts with taking the billions these assets generate as interest and sending them to Ukraine,” argues Rishi Sunak. “Then, together with the G7, they should find legal ways to seize the assets themselves and send these funds to Ukraine,” he added.

Western barriers: “skeptical” Ukrainians

From the Q, Gwendolyn de Bono returns for LCI to the latest announcements on Western sanctions against Russia. “Ukrainians are a little skeptical, because these promises must be fulfilled, especially to meet deadlines,” notes our journalist. And added: “Today, lack of ammunition is the primary problem for Kyiv”.

Military aid: Zelensky urges WestSource: TF1 information

The G7 confirms sanctions

On Saturday, the G7 pledged to Moscow to “raise the cost of war” in Ukraine, two years to the day since its invasion began, at the end of a virtual summit aimed at reaffirming full support for Kiev.

“We will continue to raise Russia's spending on war, reduce its revenues and block its efforts to build its war machine, as evidenced by the sanctions we recently adopted,” the G7 leaders said in a statement.

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The meeting is the first of its kind among the heads of state and government of the G7 member states (USA, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada) under the Italian presidency.


This Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will hold a press conference to mark two years since the Russian invasion.

Hello everyone

Hello everyone and welcome to this live broadcast from Sunday, February 25 dedicated to the war in Ukraine.

The G7 pledged this Saturday “Raise the cost of war” Moscow aims to reaffirm full support for Kyiv at the end of a virtual summit in Ukraine, two years after its invasion. “As evidenced by the sanctions we recently adopted, we will continue to raise the cost of Russia's war, cut its revenue streams, and block its efforts to build its war machine.”G7 leaders said in a press release.

The meeting is the first of its kind among the heads of state and government of the G7 member states (USA, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada) under the Italian presidency. On this occasion, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni visited Q, where she chaired a virtual meeting with Canada's Justin Trudeau and Commission President Ursula van der Leyen by her side.

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G7 leaders have not hesitated to specifically target China and Iran for logistical support to Russia. “We ask Iran to stop supporting the Russian military”, French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed the absence of G7 leaders, replacing him with his foreign minister, St├ęphane Sejournay. They also expressed their opinion “Concern about Chinese companies (…) transferring components to Russia for weapons and equipment for military production”.

North Korea also targeted, G7 condemns “North Korea remains committed to exporting and supplying North Korean ballistic missiles to Russia.” and calls the result “Such proceedings are immediate”.

Canada and Italy signed bilateral agreements with Ukraine on Saturday. The G7 called on Ukraine's donors to verify their financial contribution for 2024, as Germany and France had already decided. “We urge you to approve additional assistance to meet Ukraine's remaining budgetary needs in 2024”They insisted in a clear reference to the US blockade.

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