June 21, 2024

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Live – War in Ukraine: Macron pays tribute to “European unity” after trip to Kiev

Live – War in Ukraine: Macron pays tribute to “European unity” after trip to Kiev

“I will do it whenever it is useful”: Yes, Emmanuel Macron will continue to exchange with Vladimir Putin.

Emmanuel Macron has vowed to keep in touch with Vladimir Putin, despite criticism in Ukraine for maintaining this direct contact with the Kremlin leader.

“Since they haven’t talked to each other already, I’ll do it whenever it’s useful. “Our discussions with Vladimir Putin have always been about finding a way to peace, but we have never negotiated on behalf of the Ukrainians,” he said.

‘Our relationship has always been good’: Macron opens up about his relationship with Zhelensky

Emmanuel Macron also returned to his relations with the Ukrainian president, which is said to have at times been strained. “Despite the controversy, our relationship has always been good,” he said. He noted that his departure was in line with his desire not to “insult Russia” and was painfully received by the Ukrainian executive and the invading nation.

He warned of the danger of “losing the peace” and said that “France’s role is to mediate and limit.”

“Moldova can be a candidate.” To the EU, Macron says

The President of Moldova, disturbed by the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and disturbed by separatism, may also apply to join the European Union, the head of state told our correspondent Ulysses Gossett.

“Moldova can be a candidate,” he agreed.

Ukraine’s candidate for EU: Macron urges “message sent to Russia” that “road is long but hopeful”

“Normally Ukraine can not be a candidate,” Emmanuel Macron admitted: “We do it because of the war.” He added that Ukraine was part of a “European family”.

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“The road will be long, but it is a sign of hope,” he warned, adding that it was “a message addressed to Russia.”

He opened the European door to Moldova, indicating that it could also be a candidate for the EU.

Exclusive Interview with Emmanuel Macron: President Celebrates Europeans’ “Historical Response” to Ukraine’s EU Nomination

In the introduction to our exclusive interview, Emmanuel Macron described the rest of his Q&A trip: “It will be a picture of us making many decisions together in the presidential garden of Kiev”.

Celebrating Ukraine’s open access to the EU’s candidacy, he said, “We have accepted this movement towards Europe.” “In this room we prepared it with Chancellor Sholes and Mario Draghi,” he explained, “this European consensus was expected from the Ukrainians”.

“I was struck by this unity of the Europeans and this desire to provide a historical answer,” he concluded.

Macron posed with the train crew who had picked him up from the queue

President Emmanuel Macron released a photo of himself in the middle of a train crew picking him up from the queue.

Emmanuel Macron returns by train from kyiv © BFMTV

It was in this room that the head of state gave us an interview.

“Vladimir Putin should not believe that there is division among us”: Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon underscores the unity of the French political class in the Ukrainian file

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has made himself a spokesman for the unity of the French political class in the Ukrainian file.

“All French political leaders, without exception, are against this aggression,” he underlined, warning: “Do not believe that Vladimir Putin is wrong.”

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Following his trip to Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron gives an exclusive interview to BFMTV.

The President gave an exclusive interview to BFMTV. Distribution of Caesar artillery, Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, relations with Volodymyr Zhelensky: Emmanuel Macron will take his visit to Ukraine.

Follow this interview on our antenna from 9am. The interview was conducted in the saloon of the President’s carriage on the train returning from the queue.

Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon calls for Ukrainian candidacy for EU “no bread”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a guest of our correspondent Apolline de Malherbe this morning. He spoke about the immediate beginning of the process of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.

“I agree that Ukraine is a candidate for membership, but it does not eat bread”, the rebel began for a possible admission. Definitely speaking, He dropped: “The EU must become a member if it changes its methods”. Citing the work posted, he called on Ukraine to “raise its social standards”.

Hello Volodimir Zhelensky “A Historic Day”

“Today is a historic day – Ukraine has felt the support of four powerful European countries at once, especially in support of our movement towards the European Union. Italy, Romania, France and Germany are with us,” Volodymyr Zhelensky said in his speech. Thursday evening.

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The senior British military says Russia has ‘failed strategically’

Admiral Tony Radakin, commander of the British Defense Forces, has said that Russia has already “failed strategically” in the war in Ukraine and will “never control it”.

“President Putin has used 25% of his military force to reap small regional gains,” the soldier was quoted as saying by the British agency PA on Friday.

“This does not mean that Russia has won. Russia is losing,” he said.

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