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LIVE – War in Ukraine: New Russian strikes in Kharkiv and Kherson regions



Nine cities bombed, one child injured

The Ukrainian National Police reported that nine municipalities in the Donetsk region had been bombed. Among the affected villages, officials say two people, including a child, were injured in the village of Malotharanivka in Kramatorsk district.

Towards the expulsion of Gerson?

In recent days, shelling has become so intense in Kherson that the local government is preparing for a mass evacuation from the area. Regional governor Oleksandr Prokhudin warned that evacuation routes and temporary shelters are already being identified.

Two were wounded in Gerson

Two people were injured in the strikes that hit Kherson overnight, said Yuriy Sobolevsky, the region’s deputy head. According to local authorities, more than 27 attacks were reported against residential areas in the region on Saturday, with around 135 bombs thrown.

Selections from Wagner

Could Wagner Militia Be Listed as a Terrorist Organization Soon? This is what the text examined by the National Assembly on May 9 proposes.


Russian strikes in Kharkiv

Heavy artillery fire was reported in the Kharkiv region by local authorities. Several houses in the city of Kubyansk were hit by Russian missiles, causing fires, warned Oleh Sinehobov, head of the region’s military administration. He made it clear on his Telegram account that none of the victims should be upset.

Unethical soldiers hold

British intelligence claims Russian commanders charged their own soldiers with “discipline” in “zindans”, which are “improvised holes in the ground covered with metal grids”.

“There have been several recent reports from Russian personnel of similar detentions in Zindans for offenses such as drunkenness and trying to break their contract,” the Defense Ministry said in its daily statement.

Update on the situation

9am, a chance to give you an update on the highlights of the last 24 hours ↓


Kiev reported 190,000 Russian soldiers killed

In its daily report, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry confirms that more than 190,000 Russian soldiers have died in combat since the start of the conflict.

As a reminder, if the general staff of the Ukrainian army is constantly communicating about losses between the enemies, as we explained to you, it is always very complicated to make such an assessment. Here.

Ukrainian strikes

At least two people were killed in a Russian village near the border with Ukraine, according to the regional governor. Bryansk Oblast Governor Alexander Bogomas said several Ukrainian missiles hit the village of Susemka.

“Due to a strike by Ukrainian nationalists, two civilians were unfortunately killed,” he said in a telegram. “One residential building was completely destroyed, and two houses were partially damaged.”

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