Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Live – War in Ukraine: Russian attack kills three civilians and injures eighteen in Dnipro


Here’s what we need to remember about the situation in Ukraine at 7am this morning:

◾ Hungarian President Viktor Orbán, who is close to Russia and has assumed the leadership of the European Union, has called Ukraine on cue for a “ceasefire,” against European positions and efforts by Volodymyr Zelensky, who has suggested aligning himself with a Ukrainian peace instead.

◾ With his guest, the Ukrainian president did not react immediately, but, in his daily speech at the end of the day, he, in a dismissed form, “invited Hungary and Prime Minister Orbán to join the effort with a view” to organize a new summit for Ukraine peace after June in Switzerland, kyiv as much as possible around its plans Tried to mobilize many countries.

◾ US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced $2.3 billion in aid to Ukraine, including anti-aircraft defenses and anti-tank weapons.

◾ Russia said it destroyed five Su-27 fighter jets at an air base in Ukraine, sparking debate over Kyiv’s ability to defend its airfields ahead of an expected delivery of F-16s. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that it struck a site near the city of Mirgorod, about 150 km from the Russian border, with Iskander-M ballistic missiles, where the Soviet-designed devices were located.

◾ In a sign of the ongoing crackdown in Ukraine that has landed hundreds of Russians behind bars, several people were convicted or arrested in Russia on Tuesday for various actions against the attack in Ukraine. A resident of Volgograd, a former Stalingrad in the country’s south, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for “treason,” Russian news agencies reported.

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