May 29, 2024

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Live, war in Ukraine: the latest information

Live, war in Ukraine: the latest information

Cover Image: Ukrainian demining equipment in the Kherson region on November 9, 2023. VIACHESLAV RATYNSKYI / REUTERS

  • Germany wants to build up its army “backbone” Security in Europe
    Berlin has issued new security policy directives. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said this “Germany’s Partners in Europe, North America and Worldwide” wait “We Accept Our Responsibilities”During a conference in Berlin.
  • To believe that Ukraine will negotiate with Moscow, you have to be “Misinformation” Or “Beguiled”Ceylon Kiev
    According to Western media, some of Kiev’s allies have begun to question peace talks with Russia, citing a year-long absence of major movements on the front and concerns about the West’s ability to continue supporting Ukraine in its war.
  • Ukraine will spend half of its 2024 budget on defense and security
    According to a bill voted by parliament on Thursday, nearly half of budget spending in Ukraine will be allocated to defense and security in 2024, nearly two years after the Russian invasion devastated the country’s economy. Defense and security spending will reach nearly 43.9 billion euros next year.
  • Truck blockade: more than 20,000 vehicles on the border between Ukraine and Poland, according to Kyiv
    Polish truckers have been blocking the route since earlier in the week to protest the competition “Unfaithful” of their neighbors. kyiv believes the ban is hurting both countries’ economies “in other countries” Who wants to carry goods.
  • The European Parliament wants to impose a ban on Russian liquefied natural gas
    MEPs expressed concern about gaps in the sanctions already adopted by the EU following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.
  • France’s military aid to Ukraine is estimated at 3.2 billion euros
    Responding to criticism from those who believe Paris is not doing enough to help Kiev, the parliamentary report details the cost of arms and military training provided to Ukraine.
  • Washington and Seoul condemn Pyongyang’s arms exports to Moscow
    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un traveled to Russia’s Far East in September, where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting was followed by a number of arms deliveries, with Seoul estimating that North Korea gave Russia a million bombs for its war in Ukraine in exchange for a transfer of space technologies.
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