Tuesday, July 23, 2024

LIVE – War in Ukraine: Zelensky calls for new sanctions against Moscow


Paris donates mobile DNA lab to Kyiv to help identify victims

France confirmed the donation of a mobile DNA analysis laboratory to Kyiv on Friday, pledging its continued support for the “fight against impunity” in Ukraine, which is rife with war crimes allegations.

“This LAB’ADN is a device that allows rapid genetic analyzes of a large number of biological samples (…)”, notes the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The donation of the mobile lab was announced during Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Ukraine in June. The French head of state stressed the importance of ensuring that the “war crimes” committed on Ukrainian soil, seen around the world, go unpunished and “the need for law and international justice.”

British volunteer Paul Urey, captured by separatists, has died in custody, pro-Russian officials say

British volunteer Paul Urey, who was captured in April by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine during a humanitarian mission according to relatives, died in custody on July 10, pro-Russian officials said on Friday.

“(Despite the seriousness of his) crimes, Paul Ure received adequate medical attention. However, in view of his diagnosis and stress, he died on July 10,” the separatist rights official said in a telegram. Donetsk region, Darya. Morozova assured that it was a mercenary and not a humanitarian worker.

Paul Ure, born in 1977, was captured by the Russian military at a checkpoint in Ukraine, according to the Presidium Network, a non-profit organization based in England. He would have gone to Ukraine “on his own initiative” in the company of one of his comrades.

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EU to target Russian gold in upcoming Moscow sanctions

The European Union will target Russian gold exports in its next set of sanctions, as the G7 nations decided at the end of June, European Commissioner Maroz Cefcovic announced during a meeting of foreign ministers in Prague on Friday.

The commissioner said he would seek to “close loopholes” for those who evaded previous sanctions against Russia over its aggression against Ukraine.

The EU has already adopted six sanctions packages, including a ban on most Russian oil until the end of the year.

Russia calls Bellingate spy site ‘undesirable’ and ‘threat’ to national security

Moscow on Friday deemed the Bellingate investigation site “undesirable,” which Russian agencies said represented a “threat” to the country’s security.

Bellingcat, which has devoted several articles to this attack, was already called a “foreign agent” by Russia in 2021.

In addition to Bellingcat, the Russian prosecutor’s office has indicated that it has decided to recognize “undesirable” The Insider — a Latvian-based information site that published joint investigations with Bellingcat — and a Czech company, the Central and Eastern Europe Legal Initiative. (Seeley).

The three companies were sued by Russian companies as posing a “threat” to the constitutional order and security of the Russian Federation.

A sharp increase in the number of burials in Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine

An analysis of satellite and social media photos reveals a sharp increase in the number of burials in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine, including Mariupol, according to a report released Friday by the Center for Information Resilience (CIR). A government body that fights misinformation.

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For example, the authors of the report estimate that in the five months between October 21, 2021 and March 28, 2022, around 1,000 new graves could be found at the Starokrymske cemetery in Mariupol (southeast). of war.

Between March 28 and May 12, 1,141 new graves were visible in satellite images and a sharp increase in the number of more than 1,700 other graves between May 12 and June 29, the report’s authors said.

“Our report illustrates the intense, ongoing pressure exerted on civilian life in Ukraine,” said Benjamin Strick, CIR’s director of investigations. A striking example of civilian death toll”.

‘Greatest challenge’ to global economy: G20 meeting opens amid war in Ukraine

The G20’s big moneymakers began a meeting in Indonesia on Friday that is expected to be dominated by the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the global economy, at a time when inflation is accelerating and growth prospects are darkening.

Ahead of the meeting, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the “biggest challenge” to the global economy came from the war in Ukraine, insisting that “representatives of Putin’s regime should not be in this forum”.

“We are seeing the fallout of this war in all corners of the world, especially in rising energy prices and rising food insecurity,” he noted.

Zelensky calls for new sanctions against Russia “as soon as possible”.

It was broadcast in his daily speech on Thursday eveningVolodymyr Zelensky says new sanctions against Moscow are “necessary as soon as possible” after more than 140 days of war.

“Can you imagine any terrorist organization showing such audacity? Killing when its previous crimes are the subject of international debate”, he condemned.

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The US will not ban the sale of agricultural equipment in Moscow

The United States said on Thursday it would not ban agricultural equipment sales to Russia, again denying Moscow’s claims that Western sanctions are the root cause of the global food crisis.

The Treasury Department, in an official document on the sanctions waivers, said it would not halt U.S. transactions related to the manufacture, sale or transportation of agricultural equipment.

In line with earlier rules set after the February 24 invasion, the Treasury also said it would not ban agricultural products such as fertilizers or medical devices and Covid-19 tests.

23 dead in fresh Russian attacks in Vinnytsia, UN chief ‘appalled’

The UN secretary-general said he was “appalled” and the European Union condemned new “atrocities” after Russian attacks on a town in central Ukraine that killed at least 23 people, calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky an “open terrorist”.

In Vinnytsia, a city far from the front lines, west of the capital Kew, images released by Ukrainian emergency services showed dozens of charred bodies and a ten-story building destroyed by the explosion and subsequent fire.


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