June 13, 2024

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Live – War in Ukraine: Zhelensky went to the front line in the Donbass

Live – War in Ukraine: Zhelensky went to the front line in the Donbass

“Cities destroyed, soldiers killed, civilians killed”: Ukrainian opposition to the Russians is “cost” to the mayor of Gramadorsk

Kramatorsk Mayor Oleksandr Goncharenko on Monday rated BFMTV on the “cost” of the Ukrainian opposition to Russia.

“We can fight the enemy for a long time. The question is how much it will cost. It is the destroyed cities, the dead soldiers, the killed civilians,” he laments.

“Of course we can resist, but if the powerful weapon does not succeed in this two or three week interval, it will be difficult to capture it,” he said.

‘It is difficult to keep the weapons we have’: Kramatorsk mayor expects more Western support

Kramatorsk Mayor Oleksandr Goncharenko called on BFMTV on Monday against the Russian offensive. “The threat is still there,” he said.

“We can bear it, but if we don’t like the weapons, it will be harder to catch,” he said, adding that “the weapons we have are harder to catch.”

“(The next target of the Russians) we can be afraid, but not panicked.

Countries around Serbia are closing their airspace, refusing to allow the Russian diplomat’s plane to fly overhead.

Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova said on Monday that European countries around Serbia had closed their airspace for Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s plane, which was expected in Belgrade.

“Countries around Serbia have closed their communications channels, refusing to allow the overhead flight of Sergei Lavrov’s flight to Serbia today (…),” Maria Zakharova, quoted by Russian news agencies on Sunday evening, told Italian television. Channel La7.

“The Russian delegation was due to arrive in Belgrade for talks, but the EU and NATO member states have closed their airspace,” he added.

Russian diplomatic sources quoted Interfax as saying that the Russian minister’s visit had been canceled.

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‘Do not insult Russia’: Emmanuel Macron’s statement ‘Putin calls for war’ says Inna Shevchenko

Ukrainian activist Inna Schevchenko condemned Emmanuel Macron’s statement on BFMTV this Monday, calling on him not to “insult Russia” to “resolve the conflict in Ukraine through diplomatic channels” in light of his call for Vladimir. Putin must continue the war.

“With this announcement, he is calling on Vladimir Putin to continue the war, because we can already see that there are differences among European leaders (…) that Vladimir Putin can continue to exploit,” he believes.

“We understand the president’s efforts and the role of the mediator he’s trying to take in this conflict,” he added.

Citizens “abducted, raped, tortured, starved”: Ukrainian activist Inna Shevchenko condemns Russia’s intention to “destroy” the Ukrainian people

Ukrainian activist Inna Schevchenko condemned Russia’s barbaric actions against Ukrainian citizens on BFMTV this Monday.

“People are being abducted, raped, tortured and starved,” he condemns, referring to “terrorism” and “despair” among the Ukrainian people.

“These are weapons used by Russia against civil society, not isolated facts,” he said, “attempts to exterminate the (Ukrainian) people.”

“War is already playing out in Ukraine”: Ukrainian activist Inna Shevchenko points to the consequences of the conflict across Europe

Ukrainian activist Inna Schevchenko recalled on BFMTV on Monday that the conflict in Ukraine has not only affected the country.

“The battlefield is Ukraine, but the war is already being played beyond that,” he underlined, “and we already understand the consequences of the siege of grain to other parts of the world.”

The war is being waged “against the values ​​represented by the West”, especially “human rights.” “Putin is doing everything he can to show that there is nothing,” he said.

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Moscow says armored vehicles supplied to Ukraine have been destroyed

The Ukrainian capital was hit by several Russian strikes on Sunday, the first since late April.

It claims to have targeted a freight car repair workshop in southeastern Kiev, about 10 km from Moscow city center, and destroyed armored vehicles supplied to Ukraine by Eastern European nations.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that “high-precision, long-range missiles were fired at D-72 tanks and other armored vehicles provided by Eastern European countries launched in the suburbs of Q (…).”

However, the destruction was denied by Ukrainian authorities and witnesses at the scene.

UK to supply rocket missiles to Ukraine

The Defense Ministry announced on Monday that the United Kingdom would provide 80-kilometer rocket launchers to Ukraine to counter Russian attacks, with Washington taking over.

The Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems (M270 MLRS) will “significantly enhance the capabilities of the Ukrainian forces,” the ministry said in a statement. This decision was made in “close coordination” with the United States.

The Ukrainians have been calling for several rocket launchers for some time, allowing them to deepen Russian positions while at the same time placing their batteries further from the front.

Ukraine bids farewell to World Cup dreams

The end of the dream. After a spectacular defeat of Scotland In the first round of the European qualifying round for the next World Cup, the Ukrainian selection was dropped in the final, Wales won. So who is going to travel to Qatar next November.

Without preparation or automation, the Ukrainians captivated the football world by eliminating Scotland and dreaming of world destiny. But the Welsh choice would have brought them to a brutal reality.

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Volodymyr Zhelensky visits Ukrainian troops at Donbass

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky announced in his daily video message that he had visited his forces on the front lines of the Donbass in Lysyansk, near the city of Severodonetsk.

“We brought something to the military and I will not talk about it in detail,” he said.

In the process, the President of Ukraine also traveled to Zaporizhia in the south of the country.

Ukrainian forces claim to have recaptured “half” of the city of Chevroletonesk

The Ukrainian governor of the Lukansk region has announced that his country’s forces will recapture “half” of the main city of Chevrodonetsk, the epicenter of the fighting in Donbass.

Serguiï Gaïdaï said in an interview aired on social media that “our armed forces have cut in half” the industrial center of the Russian troops there. “Half of the city is under the control of our guards,” he said.


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