May 25, 2024

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Liverpool – Ajax, Bayern Munich – Barcelona: Champions League – Watch | Champions League

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Goretzka made a big difference against Bayern Munich – He’s a much better player than Sabitzer, even at the Sabitzer centre.

Nunez chases Timber trying to get the ball out, Then he turns good pressure into silly behaviour, unable to resist making the mistake that allows Ajax to purge. He may not stick with someone again, but he still needs to be taught how to be rational. Meanwhile, Liverpool win a corner that Matip meets well, but crosses the bar.

Berghaus sticks to Kudus at the back but Alisson beats his shot… Then the flag rises.

Ajax is very comfortable, and I’m sure he will be happy with the draw. Liverpool vs Manchester United for a place in the Europa League, anyone?

Ajax sends Sanchez to Winch while, In Munich, Ghobari replaced Manet. Decent option.

In the following supplement to the angle, Matip first avoids a shot when he is set well, then he avoids Van Dijk who does the same. In the end, the ball goes away, and Matip heads up with a good chance.

Jota misses half a chance and then is replaced by Nunez, Meanwhile, Firmino comes in for Elliot.

“…writing an obituary about a great team going through a bad phase early in the season should be…” NS emails. “Actually no, it’s part of the modern coverage in all kinds of newspapers these days, isn’t it? Keep going.”

Eh no, it’s not actually like that. I’ve seen Liverpool get progressively worse, still very good, over the course of three seasons, and if you don’t think their best defender on his cross at the age of 29 has a lasting effect, likewise physical style is hard to maintain. Then you need to tell Bob Marley that when he said that none of them can stop time, he was wrong, as you do with Nas, time is actually not troubled.

Goretzka replaced Sabitzer and it was Torres who came to Ravenha – De Jong took Jaffe’s place.

Badri, jump inside and play two Lewandowski, Lifts up Neuer and against the post from eight yards. Barcelona had decent chances tonight.

“The line from the pop song that has popped into my head about Virgil van Dijk’s defense these days,” Kári Tulinius says, | It was “but as if he were in another world, he did not see the danger in the show.”

In Munich, De Jong replaced Ravenha. 2-0, Bayern away, 29 left – it’s his big chance.

Back at Anfield, Liverpool puff and puff, Which means that Ajax looks very comfortable. Edson Alvarez looks like a player… and as I write that, he’s booked to run in the back of a Jota.

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mazrawi playing style, Pavard will struggle to return to Bayern Munich.

Goal! Porto 0-3 Club Brugge (Olsen 52)

Bruges tops the second group!

“That’s probably not the web’s levels of statistics,” exonerates Matt Turner, “But it seems to me that Liverpool have a squad of semi-elderly stars who know they are probably looking at their last World Cup in a couple of months and don’t want them to get injured and lose their last chance. This seems especially appropriate for the Big Virg.”

I think this is harsh – I would be surprised if they ask for it. I think it’s more likely that they ran out of the way, that tFSG didn’t give Klopp the reinforcements he needed because, in the end, they are in it to make money, not to build the best squad possible.

Goal! Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona (Sané 54)

Bayern knock it down, keep the display, and then Musiala passes a clever pass between two very far apart centre-backs, allowing Sane to slip between them and caress the finishing touch on Ter Stegen. Bayern found the operating key!

Bayern Munich's Leroy Sane scored the second goal for his team.
Bayern Munich’s Leroy Sane scored the second goal for his team. Photo: Alex Grimm/Getty Images

This goal made Bayern go, They are the better team now.

“Cruel on Virgil?” asks Rich Delaney. “Matip had to cover the runner, and Virgil was left to run two.”

Yes, he might, but I’m still amazed that he allowed Bergwijn to get in between him and Kudos so easily.

Goal! Bayern Munich 1-0 Barcelona (Hernandez 50)

Near another corner, Hernandez Alonso loses and hits a free header at Ter Stegen. Barcelona will feel very bad, because they should be clear already.

Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez celebrates scoring.
Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez celebrates scoring. Photo: Kirsten Johnson/AFP/Getty Images

Goal! Porto 0-2 Club Brugge (Sawah 47)

The Belgians in Dreamland!

Booming Bergwijn to the bottom right, Thiago’s skins are trimmed for Kudos, who doesn’t realize Salah is on him, so he takes a touch and misses control. Then Liverpool head straight to the other end and Jota runs away from Alvarez and shoots wide.

We are again Everywhere else too.

…and in seconds, Bayern gives the ball away, Ravenha takes it wide.

We are in Munich again…

“I said what’s wrong, I don’t really want to know…”

Van Dijk's Oasis
Kudus scores as seen by Van Dijk. Photography: Martin Reckitt/PA

Half time messaging: “Van Dijk needs to stop thinking he can defend via bluetooth and start making attackers fear him again by getting his hands dirty,” Orlando Moore tweeted, “especially when we have a wing defense like Trent (who isn’t quite as famous for his defensive abilities). ).”

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At his age, it is difficult to come back from an ACL injury for the same player, he does not have a stable partner by his side, nor much protection in front of him. But I agree, he wasn’t physical enough when he let Kudus get away with it.

First half: Liverpool 1-1 Ajax

Liverpool dominated, but Ajax held up well and found a great equalizer. Should be the second half Acceptable.

Half times more

Porto 0-1 Club Brugge

Bayer Leverkusen 0-0 Atletico Madrid

Marseille 0-1 Eintracht Frankfurt

Half time: Bayern Munich 0-0 Barcelona

Barcelona was much better than half the belts. Gavi and Pedri are just absolute money, and Lewandowski has been working on it, their team may already be out of sight.

Goal! Marseille 0-1 Eintracht Frankfurt (Lindstrom 1)

The atmosphere in the velodrome is taken to another level.

Matip pounces on Diaz, who was cruising in the middle, and finds Alexander Arnold, breaking free on the right. He thrusts in, operates an angled shot, makes a lashing effort…but it’s right at the Pasphere, who saves and then saves the follow-up. “He did it very well,” Steve McManaman insights into Shared Communications.

Jaffe and Pedri beat Bayern, The latter made a great ball at Lewandowski from the outside, only for the first touch for his teammate to let him down.

“Thiago is so talented that he can attack you in the phone box,” Gary Byrne thinks. (Young readers, ask your parents.)

Unlike Said Ben Rahma, who can, we are told, the mermaid nutmeg.

Kari Tolinius says: “Bayern faced Stuttgart this weekend, and it was a bit strange. I felt their play was unsteadily unbalanced. There was a moment, when they went 1-0 up, and Kimmich made an incredible dive that led to the Stuttgart goal. It was later overturned by VAR for odd reasons, and Bayern’s players didn’t seem surprised at all. The team doesn’t get used to things that don’t go well, so they take unnecessary risks. It works most of the time, but not always. The match ended in a draw, and Stuttgart’s two goals came from Bayern’s mistakes.”

Yes, I think they can win the Bundesliga title without fully concentrating, like Manchester United in 96-97 or 00-01, but in the end they will be discovered in Europe. I also think Nagelsmann is struggling to balance his team.

Saaaaved! Van Dijk dives to earn himself a free header when Alexander-Arnold knocks him out of a swing corner, but once he got there it should have been better than directing an effort down…but very close to the Pasfer, which stops well.

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Watching Barcelona in Munich, I wonder, as I’ve been for the past few months, if we’re about to see a slight increase in Champions League Standards. I think there are more good teams this season than there have been in the past few years, and they all have great strikers but I’m not sure there are any of them in the back.

“Glad to see Mo is just starting to find his mojo,” he emailed Colum Fordham. “The goal should give him the confidence to rediscover his inner Mo (Jo?). I’m also curious to know how Tsimikas wears Robertson’s shoes.”

I think he’s a good player, and if Tsimikas plays down the right, he’ll still start tonight.

That goal wasn’t coming, exactly, But Ajax has a lot of offensive vitality and Liverpool is not difficult to score against him. Once again, their defense was turned by a runner, and once again, Van Dijk allowed his man to walk away from him.

What a goal! Liverpool 1-1 Ajax (Kudos 27)

It was all about Liverpool but Ajax separates them down the left, Blind finds Alvarez down the left and runs away from Alexander-Arnold. He retreats for Kudus, pulls towards him from Van Dijk where Bergwijn does well to get between them… then Kudus lashes Delightful finishing touch in and out of the near post! What a talent! any shape! What a game we have now!

Kudos celebrates.
Kudos celebrates. Photo: Ian Stephen/ProSports/REX/Shutterstock

Another great clearance from Alison finds Tsimikas, as tall and spacious as you’d expect. His cross is also good, but in the close corner, Salah can’t shoot on goal.

My covering stopped, then turned back to me to see Van Dyck knocking on a cross – After a corner I guess – Diaz is training extensively with a Bassier rooting in his streak. Then Thiago, who drives well here, set Jota for a wide laser shot.

Oh my goodness, Lewandowski missed another chance! Bayern are suffering here, and they have sent Mazraoui to Pavard, who I think is injured.

Goal! Liverpool 1-0 Ajax (Salah 17)

They needed it, they needed it! Diaz clicks Alisson’s kick in the middle and suddenly Jota has a guy who’s finished… and he’s Salah! He slides it in and although the first touch may be a bit heavy, it also obliges the goalkeeper, allowing Salah to stretch all the way to the end that guides the ball into the near post. This is a very smart ending.

Mohamed Salah scores.
Mohamed Salah scores. Photo: Peter Powell/EPA

Eeesh, Gavi plays a good pass in Lewandowski’s move and his first touch was great, He sits the ball up to shoot a ball… he directs it over the crossbar. I wasn’t expecting to see that.