Sunday, July 21, 2024

London: A police officer has pleaded guilty to murdering Sarah Everest


Four months after the disappearance Young Londoner Sarah Evert, Legal proceedings continue in the United Kingdom. A 48-year-old police officer pleaded guilty Friday to the murder of the young woman, who was mourned in the UK in early March.
Refreshed the discussion on violence against women.

Wayne Cousins ​​appeared via video conference from Belmarsh High Security Prison in London during the trial at Old Bailey Criminal Court in London. He put his head down and confessed to the crime in a whisper.

A “burden for the rest of his life”

According to his lawyer, Jim Stern, Wayne Cousins ​​”has a criminal appeal and regrets for what he did. As he told us this morning, he will carry the burden for the rest of his life.” The London Police Agent, who is responsible for the security of diplomatic missions, pleaded guilty in June. Abduction and rape of a young woman The 33-year-old went missing on March 3 while walking home from a friends’ house in Glafam, south of the capital.

This death caused great emotion in the country. Thousands of women expressed hope on social networks Their sense of insecurity, Testify to the threats and persecution experienced, and call on political leaders to rectify them. Speaking about Wayne Cousins ​​outside Old Bailey Court on Friday, London Police Chief Cresita Dick said, “The police are disgusted, angry and devastated by this man’s crime.”

“Perfect Strangers”

Sarah Evert died seven days after her disappearance Kent (southeast of England) on a tree, a few meters from the land owned by Wayne Cousins. According to the medical examiner, his death was caused by a “neck contraction”.

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At Friday’s hearing, Judge Adrian Fulford described the case as “a far-reaching one, with many important consequences for understanding what happened”. He said the guard’s sentence would be announced at the scheduled hearing in two days from September 29.

Risk of recurrence

On the day Cousins ​​booked the rental car, the investigation revealed that he had bought a tape roll on the internet. Two days after Sarah Everest went missing, CCTV footage showed two bags of rubble being bought. At a previous hearing, the prosecutor had underlined significant risks to the suspect’s reconsideration if he were released on bail, citing an incident that allegedly took place on February 28 – just days before the murder.

The police force IOPC is investigating whether the London Police have responded appropriately to the exhibition’s report. The police have been criticized for muscle intervention in March when the prohibited rallist Sarah is paying tribute to Is then active due to control.