Sunday, July 21, 2024

Look beyond “misery” and remember that the market will eventually recover, says Jim Kramer


CNBC’s Jim Kramer reminded investors Thursday to continue the path in the market, where the pain will eventually go away.

“The truth is, if you own stocks right now, odds are that you are going to lose money. So why not go out and come back in at a better moment? … Because losing money in markets like this is really part of the process.”

The “money mad” Host, who said wednesday That the Federal Reserve is winning its fight against inflation, it has reiterated its position that inflation has either peaked or is about to do so.

To illustrate his point, he examined three schemes:

“We were hoping to get it [peak] Producer Price Index Numbers, and then we hoped to have a peak in oil, and we were hoping for a peak in food. Consider these graphs. He said… They have reached the peak.”

However, target publications of where numbers should have changed in recent months as fears of a looming recession grow, according to Kramer.

“Six months ago, these peaks were ridiculously bullish, but now they are just illustrations of a weak economy,” he said.

However, he reminded investors that the market will eventually recover.

“I’m sure we’re not done with this misery. But I’m also sure that one day the goal posts will be at the end of the field, and everything will be fine. I just don’t know when,” he said.