April 15, 2024

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LOOK: Disgusted Broncos fans shockingly refuse to stay in overtime as Denver's unlikely loss to Colts

LOOK: Disgusted Broncos fans shockingly refuse to stay in overtime as Denver’s unlikely loss to Colts

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When NFL fans leave early in the game it’s usually because their team is on the wrong side of a blast, but that wasn’t the case Thursday night when Bronco Fans decided to withdraw from Empower Field at Mile High before the start of overtime in ponies’12-9 win.

After suffering four quarters watching Denver’s attack, thousands of fans apparently decided that was enough, and ended up making the decision to leave the game at the end of the regulation with the Broncos and Colts tied at ninth. Apparently, watching the Broncos offense set football back 95 years was too much for the fans in attendance.

The in-game camera captured fans leaving after Russell Wilson injured a knee in the final regulation match to send the match to the OT.

It might not be rock bottom for the Broncos, but it should be close. Broncos fans decided they would literally rather sit in traffic than watch their favorite team play again.

The fans who exited the game were clearly disappointed, and this most likely has to do with the fact that the Broncos probably should have won this game in regulation. With 2:19 left to play, the Broncos were leading 9-6 and facing the third and 4th from the Colts’ 13-yard line. All they needed to do was avoid making any mistakes and they would have probably gotten at least a field goal out of the drive, but that didn’t happen thanks to Wilson, who threw in an ugly interception.

Instead of making the game the icing on the cake, Wilson gave the Molts some hope that they could still win.

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Stefon Gilmore’s interception was Wilson’s second pick for the game, and it appears to be the last straw for most Broncos fans. Fans stayed around to see if the Broncos defense could stop the Colts on the next drive (and seal the win), but that didn’t happen. Instead, the Colts led 72 yards for a game-related field goal that sent things into overtime, which is when thousands of fans decided to hit the exits.

Fans in Denver spent the greater part of four quarters booing the Broncos offense, but once overtime arrived, they decided to let the game be more fun than booing.