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LVMH threatens to stop exporting champagne in response to bright wine law


Is it still possible to drink champagne in Russia? Who really invented between French producers and them? Kremlin. It remains to be seen whether LVMH will give meaning to threats to stop its supply of champagne in response to the signing of a new law on the drink by the president on Friday.
Vladimir Putin.

Questionably, only sparkling wines from Russia can now use this word. ” Champagne “The real French champagne should be called the” brightest wine. “

LVMH talks about a “temporary” measure

“I can confirm that I received this type of letter, and it is fair,” said Leonid Rafilov, managing director of AST, one of the leading distributors of wines and spirits. Russia. For his part, Sebastian Wilmot, director of Russia at Moyd Hennessy, a spirits subsidiary of LVMH, declined to comment. But in a public statement via Leonid Rafilov, the French panel assured that the suspension was a “temporary” measure and that it was time to find a viable solution.

The restricted designation of the origin, the word “champagne” is envied by France, which reminds us that wine must come from a certain perimeter of the same name.

The purpose of the parliament in question

However, Vadim Tropis, an expert in the field, believes that such a decision should not cause a real earthquake in the spirits market. LVMH Has a very small stake in Russia and customers can still find a high-end alternative solution.

One opinion not shared, however, is Anna Chernyshova, a consultant on the wine market. “My phone rings and my customers try to see what they can do,” explains one, one of its functions is to help customers create exceptional bottled cellars. “How are they going to back down? Many politicians like this champagne,” he explains.

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