May 26, 2024

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Macron talks again about sending troops “if the Russians break the front lines” – deliverance

Macron talks again about sending troops “if the Russians break the front lines” – deliverance

“Strategic Ambiguity”

War between Ukraine and RussiaDocument

This Tuesday, May 2, the President believes that if the military situation continues to deteriorate, the deployment of troops on Ukrainian soil will be “legitimately questioned.”

Emmanuel Macron once again accepted the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine, which Kiev has demanded if Russia continues its advance, in an interview published by British media this Thursday, May 2. Economist. “If the Russians break the front lines, If there is a Ukrainian request – It's not today – we have to question ourselves legitimately.”A British weekly rated the French president. “To dismiss it is to fail to learn the lessons of the past two years.”NATO countries had initially ruled out sending tanks and aircraft to Ukraine before finally changing their minds, he added.

The French head of state created controversy in late February by insisting that Western troops should not be sent to Ukrainian soil. “exception” In future. He explained that he wanted to recover from it “Strategic Ambiguity” In the European response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in a name “startling” That's what he calls. However, most European countries, including the United States, have clearly distanced themselves from his views, even if some have taken a step in his direction.

«I have saidI exclude nothing, because there is one before us who excludes nothing.”He reaffirmed Economist, Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We were doubtless very reluctant to set the limits of our action to what was no longer present and who was the aggressor”He continued.

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“I have a clear strategic goal: Russia cannot win in Ukraine. If Russia wins in Ukraine, we will have no security in Europe. Who can say that Russia will stop there? What security for other neighboring countries like Moldova, Romania, Poland, Lithuania and many others? Behind it, billions What credibility is there for the Europeans, who have said that the survival of the continent is at stake, and have not given themselves the means to stop Russia?He insisted.

At the same time, the Russian military said it had captured a new village in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, making slow advances in the area near the town of Avdiyvka, which Moscow captured in February. On Sunday, Ukraine said it was withdrawing the west of the area.