June 25, 2024

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Manny Machado was sent off after arguing a pitch-timer violation

Manny Machado was sent off after arguing a pitch-timer violation

SAN DIEGO – Padres’ Manny Machado was ejected in the bottom of the first half of an 8-6 loss to D linebacker on Tuesday afternoon after he argued a field timer violation.

As the clock ticked down, Machado attempted to call timeout, though Ron Colpa ruled at home plate that Machado had done so after the timer reached the eight-second mark—at which point the batter should be in the box and ready to pitch. An MLB official said Kulpa made the right call.

Hitters are allowed one timeout per plate appearance, and Machado — after making a full count against right back Zack Gallen — didn’t use his. With time ticking down eight seconds, Machado attempted to dial the time.

Instead, Machado was assessed a strikeout, meaning he struck out to end the inning. He immediately turned to Kolpa to argue, and then, as he began to walk away, he got a few more words in. That’s when Colpa threw Machado – his 10th career ejection.

“I called him in eight seconds,” Machado said. “He didn’t give it to me. Now I’m eliminated. You hurt my team by getting out of the game and hurling in there. I feel like I did nothing wrong.”

However, Machado maintained that he realized he wouldn’t be ready before the eight-second mark and that’s why he called the time in the first place. He and Colpa disagreed over the timing of Machado’s request, and replays showed it to be a close call.

Head coach Bob Melvin did not object to Machado’s firing, stating only that “Our disagreement was: If he had gotten the timeout, we wouldn’t have been in this situation.”