June 24, 2024

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Marine Le Pen is leading in the West Indies and Guyana

Marine Le Pen is leading in the West Indies and Guyana

In the second round of the presidential election on Sunday, April 24, Marine Le Pen advanced to Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana, where La France candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon had key points in the first round. Pacific has put Emmanuel Macron In the first position.

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The National Rally (RN) candidate won with 69.6% of the vote Guadeloupe And 60.8% MartiniqueAt 60.7% GuyanaUp to 54.7% St. BartholomewAs well as St. Pierre and Michelon (50.6%), according to figures released by the Interior Ministry. Between 2022 and 2017, Marine Le Pen scored over forty-seven points in Martinique, thirty-six points in Guadeloupe and over twenty-five points in Guyana.

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The far-right candidate also topped the Indian Ocean region. Is Mayotte, He received 59.1% of the vote. He already received 42.67% of the vote in the first round, and Mr. Came in first (23.96%) more than Mலlenchon. Is Meeting, The RN candidate received more than 59.5% of the vote. On this island, in the first round (40.26%), Mr. Marine Le Pen (24.73%) was ahead. Mellonson.

Emmanuel Macron lead in the Pacific

Mr. Macron, on the other hand, is leading in the Pacific region with 61% of the vote in the first round. New CaledoniaAt 51.8% French Polynesia And at 67.4% Wallis and Futuna, Again according to the Ministry of the Interior. Caledonian rights are particular Thanks to the outgoing president It led the electorate to vote three times against the independence of the territory, for ending the referendum process. In the last consultation held on December 12, 2021 – despite the fact that separatists were called not to participate due to health reasons and, as a result, scored more than 96.5% in favor of no – the lesson. Many controversies.

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The first ballot began Saturday in the French West IndiesGuyana (South America), Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (French archipelago in North America) and French Polynesia (South Pacific).

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