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Masculinist Andrew Tate sentenced to house arrest after three months in detention for pimping


Three months later, after a heavy beating by Karma, he was arrested Arms Pass on Twitter With an environmentalist Greta Thunberg, Andrew Tate was released from prison. The American-British influencer and his brother Tristan, who were arrested in Romania in late December in a pimping case, were released from custody on Friday and are now under house arrest.

“The prosecutor’s proposal to extend their prison sentences is rejected” and they are placed under “house arrest” with immediate effect “in lieu of this preventive measure,” the Bucharest Court of Appeal ordered on Friday. Andrew Tate, 36, and Tristan, 34, are suspected of luring “a number of victims, including boys” for the purposes. “Sexual Exploitation” The Department of Defense Against Organized Crime (DIICOT) was prosecuted specifically for producing obscene films.

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Accompanied by one of their Romanian lawyers, they emerged in the middle of the night, fully bearded, from the police compound where they had been detained for three months in chaotic conditions. Curious twentysomethings and some fans of Andrew Tate, influencer masculinist Among the world’s most famous people, a crowd stood in front of the building and greeted him as “Top G” (for thugs), his nickname, filmed on their phones.

Two people who claim innocence were taken into custody Extended several times And despite many appeals, finally on March 22. “The judges made the right decision,” said Tristan Tate, whose brother remained calm. “We’re going home,” he added. Romanian. Their defense denounces an empty file with no solid evidence, denies the risk of going abroad, and argues ties to their clients’ countries. Tristan Tate is the father of a child born while in custody.

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They are “prohibited from communicating with people involved in the case,” said their lawyer Eugen Vidinac, who said, “Running is not the life the Tate brothers want. They are tired and want to rest,” he said. They are accompanied by two Romanians, a former police officer and Andrew Tate’s girlfriend. They were arrested along with them on December 29 during a wide-ranging operation that followed months of investigation.

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