June 19, 2024

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Mayor says 80% of Kyiv residents are without water after Russian strikes

Mayor says 80% of Kyiv residents are without water after Russian strikes

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11:14 am : This is the effect of the Russian strikes at Q this morning. Kyivvodokanal is working to restore the operation of water stations as soon as possible, the capital’s mayor’s office assures.

10:55 : 80% of consumers are without water in Kyiv, supplier announces. Follow our life.

10:33 am : On Twitter, Ukraine’s foreign minister responds to missiles that hit the country this morning. “Instead of fighting on the battlefield, Russia is fighting with civilians. Dmytro Kuleba writes. Russia is doing it because it still has missiles and the will to kill Ukrainians.

09:55 : Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was very involved this summer in an international agreement on grain exports, promises him: However, Russia hesitates as the same facilities are not provided [qu’à l’Ukraine], We are determined to continue our efforts in the service of humanity.”The Turkish President declares.

09:35 : For its part, the Ukrainian Air Force did the math. She mentions now “More than 50 cruise missiles” launched by Russia in its new massive attack on the country’s energy infrastructure. They were launched “Using Airplanes” Tu-95 and Tu-160 type from North Caspian Sea and Russian Rostov region.

09:32 : Kyrylo Tymoshenko, Advisor to the Ukrainian President, Telegram explains One “The Blackout Project” will be introduced in his region “And throughout Ukraine”. The idea is to reduce energy consumption in anticipation of possible shortages.

09:27 : “Energy installation to supply about 350,000 flats” Damaged, writes Kew mayor Vitaly Klitschko in a new message In Telegram. Engineers are working to restore electricity.

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09:13 : It’s 9am (and a few minutes away), and here’s a new point in the day’s news:

“Brazil is back!” The Lula’s first words After narrowly winning (50.90% of the vote, according to final results) over outgoing far-right President Jair Bolsonaro. The latter has yet to respond.

A “The Great Attack” Protests against energy installations are underway in many regions, Ukrainian president reports. Many districts of Kew are without electricity and water. Follow our life.

Finistère, Morbihan, Côtes-d’Armor and Manche Orange has been put on alert For “high wind” risks until tomorrow morning. Especially windy in the evening and the next night.

132 people died in the suspension bridge collapse In Western IndiaAccording to the latest official report.

08:58 : Meanwhile, two cargo ships loaded with grain left Ukrainian ports this morning. Sea transport according to special site. They are going to Turkey, despite Russia announcing on Saturday that it will no longer use an international agreement on their exports that expired in July.

08:45 : Statement by Kyrillo Tymoshenko, Adviser to the President of Ukraine: “Russian terrorists have again launched a massive attack on energy system facilities in several regions. Some of the missiles were shot down by air defenses, while others hit their targets.

08:41 : A “The Great Attack” Russians are against energy facilities ongoing In many regions, the Ukrainian president is confirmed. Follow our life.

08:22 : Kiev is not the only one affected by the strikes this morning. Mayor of Kharkiv reports In Telegram Two missiles fell on his city.

08:08 : ⚡️40 Russian cruise missiles in Ukraine this morning.

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08:07 : Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Energy terror continues. Everyone in Ukraine advised to stay in shelters.

08:22 : On Twitter, Anton Zerashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, urges all Ukrainians to seek refuge. He raises about forty strikes across the country.

08:22 : Sophie, a young woman living in Kew, sent me this message: “JGot on the subway at 8am and my sister texted me that there were explosions and I should go home. I got home and now there is no electricity.

07:52 : “After the Russian strikes” SIt happened this morning, writes that many districts of Que are without electricity and water In TelegramThe mayor of the city is Vitaly Klitschko.

07:32 : Several eruptions are observed in northern Kiev districts and in the Kiev Sea https://t.co/HUaR4VPgvt

07:32 AFP journalists heard at least five explosions in and around the Ukrainian capital between 8am and 8:20am (an hour away). We currently have no information.

07:43 : Several explosions were heard at Q this morning. Follow our life.