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Mediterranean: Captain flees, out of fuel, hull punctured, ship with 400 migrants launches SOS


Officials warned that the rescue operation was not carried out.

A ship with about 400 people lurches between Malta And this Libya and taking on water, the alarm phone helpline reported on Sunday, when onlookers saw the surge as migrant boats crossed. The Mediterranean Sea Departs fromNorth Africa. The alarm phone announced on Twitter that the call was received from a boat that left Tobruk, Libya last night.

\ud83c\udd98~400 people are at risk in Central Med

We got a call from a boat that left overnight with ~400 people #Tobruk, #Libya.
We have informed the authorities but no rescue operation has been confirmed so far.
Don’t delay help and don’t put lives at risk – save now!

— Alarm Phone (@alarm_phone) April 9, 2023

Officials warned but no Rescue operation Not launched, people panicked on board and many needed medical attention, the company says. The ship is out of fuel, its lower deck is taking on water, the captain has left the boat, and no one can operate it, the alarm adds to the phone, indicating that the boat is now in the Maltese search and rescue zone. Rescue (SAR) could not immediately contact Maltese authorities.

Another shipwreck the day before

German NGO Sea-Watch International said on its Twitter account that it was searching for boats in distress in the Mediterranean this Sunday, including those reported by alarm phone. Another NGO, German Rescueship, said on Sunday that at least 23 migrants had died in another shipwreck in the Mediterranean. Last week, 440 migrants were rescued off the coast of Malta by the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) vessel Geo Parents after a complicated operation in rough seas. At least 23 African migrants are missing and four dead after their boat capsized in Tunisia on Saturday while trying to reach Italy.

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