June 24, 2024

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Meghan Markle and Mariah Carey talk about bi-racial identity on 'Originals' podcast

Meghan Markle and Mariah Carey talk about bi-racial identity on ‘Originals’ podcast

The two women discussed their biracial identities.

Carrie has opened up to Meghan about commuting more often as a young girl and feeling caught between the black and white sides of town.

“I didn’t fit anywhere at all,” said Carey.

Meghan referred to an interview she read in which actress Halle Berry noted that because she was darker in color, she was treated as a black woman, not as a woman of race.

“I think it’s totally different for us because we are light skinned,” Megan said. “You’re not treated like a black woman. You’re not treated like a white woman. You’re kind of on the same page.”

Meghan told Carey that she really started being treated like a black woman when she started dating Prince Harry.

“I always thought it was okay to say I’m promiscuous,” said Carey. “I like to say it. But people want you to choose.”

Meghan’s chat with Carrie is the second episode of the Spotify podcast, which appeared last week with an interview with Carrie. Serena Williams. Next week’s episode will feature comedian and presenter Mindy Kaling.
After debuting, “The Originals” jumped to number one on Spotify’s podcast charts, beating out “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Its release comes two years after Spotify announced the Exclusive deal with Archewell AudioThe first audio production company founded by Prince Harry and Meghan. Back in 2020, the two released a holiday podcast on Spotify, namely The first podcast under the deal.