Monday, July 22, 2024

Metallica assistant James Hetfield, 59, ‘files for divorce’ from wife of two decades


Metallica frontman James Hetfield, 59, “files for divorce” from wife of 25, credited with helping him control addiction and anger

Metallica’s number one player James Hetfield reportedly filed for divorce from his wife over two decades ago.

James, 59, filed documents in Colorado to divorce Francesca Hetfield, long-term partner, according to TMZ.

The two are said to still be in contact as they share two daughters, Callie, 20, and Marcela, 16, and son Castor, 18, with their mother.

Split: James, 59, filed documents in Colorado to divorce Francesca Hetfield (right), according to TMZ

The couple have been married for 25 years after marrying for the first time in 1997.

James, who has an estimated net worth of $300 million, resides with his family in Vail, Colorado.

At the base of Mount Vail, the small town and popular ski resort is Francesca’s birthplace.

While the couple have chosen to live their lives relatively out of the limelight, James has previously admitted that he credits Francesca with helping him mature.

The rhythm guitarist — who has maintained complete abstinence from alcohol since becoming sober in 2002 — stated that Fran, 48, has helped him deal with his issues more constructively.

He told NPR in 2005 that his wife helped him mature after he went ‘straight’ and that he was embarrassed by his past destructive tendencies caused by his addiction and anger issues.

In an interview with radio talk show host Joe Rogan after moving to Colorado, Hetfield said that after decades of living in Northern California, he was tired of the negative reaction from locals who didn’t consider his political views and lifestyle choices kindly.

“I’m kind of sick of the Bay Area, and the attitudes of the people there, a little bit,” Hetfield said.

They talk about how diverse they are, and things like that, and it’s okay if you’re as diverse as them. But appearing with a deer on the shocker doesn’t fly in Marin County.