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Millie Bobby Brown wants to play Britney Spears in a movie


who is this? It’s Millie Bobby Brown, you bitch. The Enola Holmes 2 The star shared with Drew Barrymore that one of her biggest career goals is photography Britney Spears In an autobiography of her life. She connects with the star through their shared experience of being in the spotlight at such a young age. “I think her story, first and foremost, resonates with me growing up in the public eye. Watching her videos and watching interviews with her when she was young. Same with you. I see the scramble for words [in the interviews]Brown explained to Barrymore. “I don’t know her but when I look at her photos, I feel like I can tell her story the right way and just her story.” Brown makes a strong case for why she, being British, would play the perfect Brit (Nye), especially since she’s already shown her singing voice and sings the Spears. “Give me more” At a game with her boyfriend BFF Noah Schnapp. Schnapp will likely play K-Fed or Bryan Spears once Brown makes the movie in ten years. You can say that Brown is dreamerbut she’s not the only one. Abundance From others Notice the similarities between her and Spears.

However, people eventually wake up from their dreams. The next morning, Britney herself apparently responded to Brown’s remark and was unhappy with the idea of ​​a biography. “I hear about people wanting to make movies about my life… Dude, I’m not dead!!!” Posted by Britney in Instagram The day after the interview was published. While her post was mostly about her parents’ treatment of her throughout her life, it seems Britney isn’t on board with the biopic.

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