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Minister Andrea Jenkins won’t apologize for giving protestors the middle finger

Minister Andrea Jenkins won’t apologize for giving protestors the middle finger

As Boris Johnson prepares to deliver his resignation speech on July 7, Andrea Jenkins, the new education minister, makes a moody gesture to a roaring crowd.

England – the finger of contempt. at England, new minister Education was pictured giving Andrea Jenkins the middle finger to a crowd outside 10 Downing Street on Thursday 7 July. Asked to explain herself, she offered her reasons but refused to apologise.

After resigning Many of his ministers“Bojo” had to do A resignation speech Representatives participated in it. Upon arrival, Andrea Jenkins, dressed in yellow, was ushered into view before walking through the doors of the building.

The gesture by the Conservative MP, a Boris Johnson loyalist, was heavily criticized by the political class. In a statement shared on Twitter on Saturday, the minister said he should have shown “more calm” but refused to apologise, saying the incident happened after he received several death threats.

“Thursday morning I went to Downing Street to attend the Prime Minister’s resignation speech. A shouting crowd outside insulted MPs as they entered, which was very common,” he wrote.

“Terrible Behavior”
“I have received seven death threats in the last four years after receiving huge amounts of insults from some of the people there over the years. “With the last few weeks now under police investigation, I’m at my wit’s end,” he continued. “I responded, I defended myself. Why should one accept this type of treatment? I should have shown more composure, but I am only human,” concludes the minister.

“Ministers should set very high standards for the position. I am sorry, but this is appalling behavior for a Minister of the Crown. This is why we need a new Prime Minister. Absent from Govt.

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