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MJF Pipebomb On AEW Dynamite Didn't Go According to Plan

MJF Pipebomb On AEW Dynamite Didn’t Go According to Plan

It’s been less than 48 hours since MJF sent shock waves through the wrestling world with his pipebomb, and while the promotion has dramatically increased his personal inventory, AEW reportedly has a slightly different plan for the “hands-on shoot” division.

According to the latest developments Wrestling NewsletterAEW’s plan was for MJF to cut heel widths, then cut his mic midway through, with the idea that the clip was unplanned and out of control. The promotion was reportedly supposed to resemble WCW’s Brian Pillman promotions back in the mid-’90s.

However, the MJF spoke for nearly nine minutes before his mic was finally cut off, which was said to not have been the plan. On top of that, MJF was booed by fans at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, especially during the end of the promo, particularly while talking about former WWE players “who can’t tie my shoes.”

The report added that the MJF that garnered positive feedback was clearly not the plan, and the crowd cheering MJF “made the promotion seem unpleasant.” Dave Meltzer then compared the up-and-coming MJF to the nWo getting glamorous in WCW despite working heels. He further noted that the nWo’s popularity made WCW look “unattractive and incompetent” and eventually killed the children’s faces in the company and caused long-term damage to the WCW brand.

As Meltzer emphasized, CM Punk rushes to the ring During the commercial hiatus to confront MJF it was part of AEW’s plan. MJF, of course, escaped through the crowd, and his promo for the rest of the show wasn’t recognized.

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On a related note, Fightful Select on Thursday reported that a lot of AEW’s talents behind the scenes They are convinced that the feud between MJF and Tony Khan is both work and part of an elaborate story. If the dispute was indeed a business, AEW raised it a bit on Thursday by removing all traces of the earth’s salt from its website and merchandise store.

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