May 29, 2024

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More than 10,000 hospitals have been affiliated with COVID-19, a record since March

The United Kingdom, which is facing an increase in Govt-19 cases, has intensified hospital pressure in recent days. But the new restrictions are not on the agenda.

A total of 10,462 people were hospitalized with Covit-19 in the UK on Wednesday, the first time since the beginning of March that the United Kingdom recorded more than 183,037 additional pollutants, a new record due to the meteoric spread of the Omigron variant.

In London, the epicenter of the Omigron wave, 3,310 people were hospitalized with Covit-19, up 63% from the previous week. Those figures include those who tested positive after admission, while no update was available Wednesday regarding hospital admissions across the UK.

90% of patients admitted to the hospital did not receive the booster dose

Faced with a wave of omigran variation and now dominating, the United Kingdom has launched a major vaccine stimulant campaign that has already allowed 57.5% of the population over the age of 12 to receive additional medication. The goal is to provide one for full-grown people by the end of the year.

“I have spoken to doctors who say 90% of those in intensive care do not have a booster dose,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a visit to a nursing home. People to get an extra dose of the vaccine.

“If you have not been vaccinated, you are on average eight times more likely to end up in the hospital,” Johnson said.

Hospital system at risk?

The president on Wednesday rejected tightening controls in the UK to prevent the spread of the virus, unlike in Scotland, Wales and the United Kingdom, despite increasing hospitals and vaccine improvements. Northern Ireland closed, especially nightclubs.

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“The Omigran variant continues to cause real problems, and we see an increase in cases in hospitals, but it’s less malignant than the Delta variant, and may continue as we do,” the leader justified. However, he called on the people to celebrate the New Year “with caution”.

However, despite the low risk, the number of patients is so high that health officials fear that this will put an insurmountable pressure on the hospital system, especially the growing number of caregivers, victims, who are forced to be isolated. According to the Firefighters Association, one-third of intervention trucks did not operate on Christmas Day due to a shortage of staff, contaminated by covid, or the need to isolate themselves.