May 29, 2024

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More than 800 protesters have been arrested in Russia.

12:42 pm: Valerie Begresse calls for an “immediate” session of parliament

“The war is back in the heart of the European continent. It has been almost 25 years since we learned of this situation,” the LR presidential candidate lamented at a news conference. That said, almost everyone in the Assembly on Thursday morning was united with the opposition who put forward similar demands.

Valerie Beckres has accused Vladimir Putin of “violating the most basic rules of international law” and condemned an “invasion” of Vladimir Putin’s personality, his regime and destabilization that would “shed light on us”. The activities it leads in Europe and Africa. He reaffirmed “full solidarity with the Ukrainian people” and called for an “immediate response” to “everything must be done to save the civilian population.”

“I hope that the European Union, the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and other members of the international community will soon agree to a strong embargo on targeting those responsible for this war,” he said.

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