May 21, 2024

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Moscow has summoned the US, British and Canadian ambassadors accused of “interference”.

Moscow has summoned the US, British and Canadian ambassadors accused of “interference”.

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6:22 p.m : “Not a single ton of wheat should be in Poland, and we were able to put in place mechanisms to ensure that goods were transported through Poland”, starting next Saturday, Robert Tellus said after a meeting with Ukrainian officials. To understand what is at stake in this decision, this article explains why some European countries have decided to ban the import of Ukrainian grain.

6:24 p.m : Poland and Ukraine have concluded an agreement to resume transport of Ukrainian grain, which was suspended on Saturday, the Polish agriculture minister announced.

6:03 p.m : Moscow warns US ambassador Lynn Tracy “Subversive Activity” In Russia. Earlier in the day, he and his British and Canadian counterparts were summoned by the Kremlin, which has accused them of“interference” In Russian Affairs.

3:05 p.m : The exact reason for the summons was not immediately stated. But earlier in the day, Russian diplomacy condemned the diplomats’ criticism after Vladimir Kara-Moursa was sentenced to 25 years in prison for “high treason”.

3:10 p.m : Moscow raises its tone before the envoys. The Kremlin summoned the American, British and Canadian diplomats to accuse them“interference” In Russian Affairs.

3:05 p.m : Volodymyr Zelensky was in Avdiivka, one of the hot spots in eastern Ukraine, as Vladimir Putin traveled to the occupied territories of the country. “I am honored to be here today to serve you and protect our land.”said the President of Ukraine

2:33 p.m : This time let’s talk about import. Poland, Hungary and Slovakia have announced they will stop grain trade with Ukraine. But why did you make this decision? In this article we explain everything to you.

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2:31 p.m : Soon more complete vodka in Russia? French conglomerate Pernod Ricard’s brand has announced it will stop exporting to Russia. Its discreet recovery prompted a boycott movement and criticism from the prime minister in Sweden.

2:28 p.m : Ivan Gershkovich remains “The Struggle”Despite his continued detention in Russia. “He plays the game and he understands that people are rooting for him.”one of his lawyers assures AFP.

1:30 p.m : After his arrest, Ivan Gershkovich was placed in pre-trial detention on March 30 and will remain there until May 29. The journalist, who denied the “espionage” charges leveled against him, had appealed against the move. Therefore, the court dismissed the claim.

1:40 p.m : American journalist Ivan Gershkovich is detained in Russia.

12:21 p.m : Saw arrested American journalist Ivan Gershkovich (briefly). He was brought to a Moscow court for an appeal hearing.

12:18 p.m : According to AFP, American journalist Ivan Gershkovich appeared determined in a Moscow court, smiling. The court will decide today whether or not to remand him in pre-trial custody on espionage charges..

(Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP)

11:56 : Ukraine indicts Vladimir Putin Check out his story “crimes”, after the Kremlin’s announcement of a surprise visit by the Russian president to the occupied territories of Ukraine. This trip “‘Special Tour’ of Murderer in Occupied and Destroyed Territories to Revel in Crimes” was done by Russian forces, said an adviser to Ukraine’s president.

08:52 : America continues to demand “Instant Release” Ivan Gershkovich, an American journalist for the Wall Street Journal, has been detained in Russia “unfair”, says US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. For the first time, Lynn Tracy, the US ambassador to Moscow, was able to meet yesterday with a journalist who has been jailed for more than two weeks and accused of espionage by Russian authorities.

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08:37 : Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to the Kherson region in southern Ukraine to meet with troops stationed there as part of a Russian offensive launched a year ago, the Kremlin said in a press release, without specifying when the trip took place.

07:38 : Army soldier lost 40 kg weight while in custody after suffering broken ribs and lack of proper food. Artem Dyblenko incites continuous violence and psychological torture against prisoners of war. He is demanding that Russia finally open the doors of its detention centers to the International Committee of the Red Cross and that the exchange of prisoners be accelerated.

07:35 : About 130 Ukrainian soldiers were able to return to their country during a prisoner exchange, Kiev announced last Sunday. In Mykolaiv, franceinfo was able to meet a former prisoner who was released in September. Artem Diplenko, a veteran of Mariupol, tells the story of spending four months behind bars in inhumane conditions.

(MATHIEU DREUJOU / France Televisions)

06:42 : Brazilian President Lula welcomed the Russian Foreign Minister yesterday in a bid to promote international mediation in the war in Ukraine. The United States accused Brazil of “Echoes of Russian and Chinese Propaganda” on conflict. Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow wanted to “The conflict ends as soon as possible”But suggests a solution “Permanent and not immediate”.

07:52 : Finally, in the run-up to the war in Ukraine, G7 foreign ministers pledged that countries providing aid to Russia’s war would pay for it. “More expensive”, in a statement released after the meeting in Japan. Diplomats also judged “unacceptable” Moscow’s willingness to send nuclear weapons to Belarus.

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