May 30, 2024

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Moscow’s detention of an American journalist was deemed “absolutely illegal” by Joe Biden

Moscow’s detention of an American journalist was deemed “absolutely illegal” by Joe Biden

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11:50 p.m : Russian hackers are using private security cameras of cafes in Ukraine to gather information about aid convoys, the director of the Cyber ​​Security Division of the US National Security Agency (NSA) said.

10:55 p.m : Moscow adapts its law for new recruitment campaign. From now on, invitations can be sent electronically and no longer delivered by hand. So now summons and notices cannot be ignored the world (Article reserved for subscribers).

5:57 p.m : US intelligence raises doubts about Ukrainian counterattack “Modest Territorial Gains” Against Russian forces, according to a leaked classified document, The The Washington Post (Article in English). The document was made public during an online leak of several classified documents, it revealed on ThursdayE New York Times.

5:01 p.m : American journalist Ivan Gershkovich arrested by Russia “Crossing the Fort”, according to Joe Biden. His arrest took place on March 30 “Totally Illegal” The President of the United States promises. This journalist Wall Street Journal Alleged espionage by Russian security services. A charge his media and himself deny “In kind”.

3:31 p.m : The Russian delegation allowed a bill to pass Electronic mobilization orders. In the context of an offensive in Ukraine, the move will help recruit the military. Mobilization orders were previously passed from hand to hand.

2:18 p.m : As Kiev prepares for a counteroffensive, Russia is beefing up its defenses in areas it has seized in Ukraine. But a peaceful protest has been organized in the occupied territories. Their actions are coordinated by a movement born a year ago in Kherson in the south of the country: Yellow Ribbon or “Yellow Ribbon”. Their two founders, Taras and Ivan (these are pseudonyms), received the Sakharov Prize from the European Union in December 2022. franceinfo was able to meet one of them.

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12:39 p.m : “The Ukrainian security services and their Western employers have launched an aggressive ideological and recruitment campaign targeting our citizens, especially the younger generation.” According to a report, Alexander Portnikov told a meeting of the Russian counter-terrorism committee.

12:43 p.m : Alexander Portnikov, the head of the Russian Security Service (FSB), accuses Ukraine and the West of trying to incite Russians to sabotage and armed rebellion, behind an attack in Ukraine.

12:01 : A Western decision on donating fighter jets to Ukraine is possible “Before Summer”. Discussions will take time as countries need to work together, but a decision is still within reach “short term”Danish Minister, Troels Lund Poulsen, says during a visit to Ukraine.

09:26 : The Pentagon is still trying to determine whether the documents are authentic. At least one of them seems to have been manipulated. However, the leak reassured U.S. officials that their allies, such as South Korea, provided humanitarian and non-lethal aid to Ukraine after the Russian invasion of the country began in 2022.

09:24 : The leak of classified US intelligence documents continues to cause trouble. However, during a phone call, the US and South Korean defense ministers weighed in“A substantial number of the documents in question are falsified”. Follow our life.

08:54 : In TelegramVolodymyr Zelensky gives some details on the recent prisoner exchange with Russia. On the Ukrainian side, it is 100 soldiers, “80 men and 20 women”. Among them are the defenders of the Azovstal factory in Mariupol.

07:33 : Friendly Canada 🇨🇦 . First country to stand up for #Ukraine. Meetings with @JustinTrudeau and @cafreeland coming up. We are preparing new agreements and contracts to strengthen 🇺🇦’s macro-financial and economic stability. We work for success.

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07:54 : Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Ukraine has landed in Canada. Purpose of this official visit: “Prepare new agreements to strengthen macro-financial and economic stability of Ukraine”Denise Simihal wrote on Twitter as she got off the plane.