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MoviePass is re-launched with a new style and without the famous red card


Remember the golden days of Movie PassIn early 2018, when I got $9.95 a month with unlimited movies? And then, remember when right after that, Movie Pass For a loss of $40 million in May 2018 and I tried and failed Repeatedly To restructure, before finally calling it a withdrawal in 2019?

Well, MoviePass is back! Starting August 25th at 9AM EST, you can sign up for a waiting list at MoviePass site For the trial version of the new model. But it’s not the same MoviePass we’ve come to know and love before, which, let’s be real, has always been too good to be true. Instead, there will be three subscription price tiers this time around – $10, $20 and $30 – each with a different number of “credits” to use each month for watching movies. MoviePass did not reveal how many credits each category gets, nor how many credits are needed to book a ticket.

The waiting list will be open for five days. Selected beta users will then be notified on September 5th, after which they will be able to choose from one of the levels. Plus, this popular MoviePass card will be back – although this time around, will be black.

MoviePass has disrupted the theater industry and since its ups and downs a lot theater privileges They create their own signup forms.

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