June 21, 2024

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Mykolayiv city faces several airstrikes, Russian military says it has entered Mariupol

Mykolayiv city faces several airstrikes, Russian military says it has entered Mariupol

At the end of a meeting between US President Joe Biden and his Chinese envoy Xi Jinping on Friday, March 18, Beijing is developing its ambiguity in the face of war in Ukraine. As for China, its origin “Ukrainian crisis” NATO is on the threshold of Russia in the developments made in recent years. Therefore, according to Beijing, the West is responsible for Moscow’s anger.

As for China, Taiwan is a bigger problem than Ukraine. Its relationship with the United States depends on this question. “Mismanagement of the Taiwan issue will have a detrimental effect on bilateral relations.” The Chinese press release issued at the end of the interview warns. In recognition of the importance of this issue, two warships, one American and one Chinese, sailed into the Taiwan Strait on Friday, just hours before the meeting. “Ukraine war creates more complex intervention in Taiwan militarily, economically and politically”, Explain The world Evan Maduros is an expert in Sino-US relations at Georgetown University in Washington.

Beijing cannot distance itself from Moscow, the only possible support for the Security Council in the event of an invasion of Taiwan. And, personally, Xi Jinping could not stay away from Vladimir Putin until a few months before the Communist Party Congress. “Unlimited Strategic Partnerships”.

In connection with the current conflict in Ukraine, China is reiterating international law. “Against War”. There is no official question of military support for Russia, as stressed in Washington.

China, which is ready to provide more assistance to Ukraine on humanitarian grounds, is calling for a political solution. But Beijing is content to call on the US and NATO “Conversation with Russia” taking into account the security concerns of kyiv and Moscow and “Stop the hostility soon”. As for China, Ukraine is the only battlefield between Russia and the United States. So the solution to this crisis is in the hands of these two countries.

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Although the Chinese report does not categorize the Russian occupation, it does expand “Severe Crisis” What will result from the imposed restrictions “Without rationality” basically “Business, Finance, Energy, Food” As well as supply chains. Another important point of difference between China and the West.