April 15, 2024

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Mysterious “rain of worms” in China: Where do these creatures that collect in cars come from?

Mysterious “rain of worms” in China: Where do these creatures that collect in cars come from?

A video of hundreds of worms clinging to each other on the streets of Beijing, China has caused quite a stir.

Like the rain of locusts or frogs, here is the rain of worms. Anyway, this is what a video circulating on social networks shows, the images of which were captured a few days ago in Beijing, China.

In this video we see hundreds and thousands of maggots piled up on the streets and on the hoods of parked cars.

These animals come to this place after a rain. The images show passers-by with umbrellas.

A sign of the apocalypse

Although worms were not part of this belief at the time, this shower of worms was perceived as a cataclysmic sign of the beginning of the end of the world, representing the 10 perfection of Egypt.

Hypothesis of a rain

A rain of various animals is a meteorological phenomenon characterized by a very significant number of animals falling from the sky, and each time they belong to the same species.

This phenomenon has been observed in many places and at many times: locusts, frogs, fish, birds … all fall from the sky. Then hundreds or more animals are thrown to the ground, some torn to pieces, others unharmed, some dead, others still frozen.

These freak rainfalls could be due to a cyclone or a violent storm, which would have carried the animals away for further transport.

Moon hypothesis

The first full moon in March, nicknamed the “Worm Moon,” traditionally marks the return of earthworms to the surface. Paris competition.

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This moon is closest to Earth, very bright and attracts animals.

In addition, March is the season when worms, slugs, larvae, and worms return to the surface after winter and walk the ground.

The swarms of these worms may be due to this fact, and they may not have fallen from the sky, but crawled to get into the cars.

Poplar Flower Hypothesis

The last hypothesis put forward is that it is not worms, but poplar flowers that look like creeping animals from afar.

Besides, these flowers are in season and there are poplars in Beijing.