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Netflix Explores Live Streaming and Unscripted Comedy Series


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Time is a flat circle and every day, streaming platforms are getting closer and closer to repeating network television. The password sharing outAnd commercials inthere is a central axis where you can combine All your subscriptions in one platform.

Now, Netflix is ​​going one step further and looking forward to it do you liveLike mentioned for the first time before Limit.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to Gizmodo that the company is in the early stages of exploring a new streaming capability. Live broadcasts of unrecorded shows can be used like competition series And Reality TV reunion episodes, or to add audience participation features like in-show voting (think American Idol style).

It can also be used to stream IRL events like recent Netflix events “Netflix joke” The festival you’ve probably heard of because Dave Chappelle attacked While performing there.

With the recent comedy festival, the shows have been taped with plans to put them on Netflix as standard and taped comedy specials. However, with streaming in the future, Netflix may broadcast similar events in near real time.

Netflix isn’t the only streaming platform considering live streaming. I did Disney Plus First live broadcast in February. But, as of now, limited information is available about the upcoming Netflix release.

No release date for the first Netflix live stream has been announced, and the timeline for the feature remains unclear. A Netflix spokesperson declined to respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment on the record.

The streaming service has hit some hard times recently, with its first subscriber Loss within a decadethe corresponding inventory decline, and layoffs. Although the company is likely brought his troubles On themselves with poor financial management and a flawed business model, it’s not yet clear if they can invent themselves out of trouble with new bells and whistles like livestreaming.

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