April 19, 2024

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Netflix now lets you offer two excellent movie trailers

Netflix now lets you offer two excellent movie trailers

Picture of an Android device with Netflix running as the main event, with the remote on the side with the Netflix shortcut on it

Netflix’s new rating system dates back to the time when we relied on critics to find something to watch.
picture: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Netflix has For the first time officially Double Thumbs Up ranking system, making it easier To tell Netflix if a piece of content gets the final seal of approval.

Now when you’re browsing the Netflix content library, you can click on the title’s rating option and then select if you “like”, “like this” or if it’s not “just right for me” with each category. They are respectively marked with a thumbs up, thumbs up or double thumbs up.

The streaming giant uses single thumbs up and down to decide if it should serve you relevant content. But the double like sign indicates that Netflix has always shown content of this kind, with similar actors and producers.

Screenshot showing the Double Thumbs feature

Double Thumbs is how you review the content you love.
screenshot: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

I made sure to go ahead and give two thumbs up to everyone Thomas the tank engine My child’s Netflix profile content. I also made sure to refuse Coco Mellon. I’m still tracking down the person who made the offer to my kids so they can pay for their crimes.

The streaming service retired its 5 star rating System years ago to simplify classification to treat. Kristen Doig Cardet, director of product innovation and personalization experiences at Netflix, said: the edge The new “Like” option will help you better navigate the original content library.

Life these days seems to be all about adjusting the algorithm to your personal preferences, especially streaming content. But sometimes letting your computer make your choices can be a little overwhelming, especially on a service like Netflix, which has sidestepped many of the network’s popular TV shows and movies to display its local content.

Back in the day, when I was a millennial kid, a lot People chose movies to watch based on whether they were film critics or not Roger Ebert or Jane Siskel gave it to themExcellent” or whether they have become cinematic Voltron with an “excellent” rating. Whenever they both liked a movie, they would use the trademarked phrase to indicate if there was something worth going out to see. However, they usually follow up the review with a star rating and written An analysis of their work for newspapers and books. The thumb up or down system doesn’t leave much room for nuance. add more Classification options Means Netflix has moar . data To push content your way and determine what you must green light in the future. TThe hat must be incredibly straightforward but it was Netflix that killed the five star system in the first place.

If you want to use the new rating feature, update your Netflix app on your TV, Android, and iOS device. Double Thumbs Up capability is also available in the web version of the app.

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