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New French Foreign Minister Catherine Cologne travels to Kiev


Ukrainian attack on Gerson

It claims to have recaptured land in the Russian-held Gershon region since the beginning of the invasion of southern Ukraine.

“Gerson, stay, we’re close!” ⁇Says the Ukrainian public servants on its Facebook page.

In its update, released overnight from Sunday to Monday, the Ukrainian military says it is advancing in the Kherson region, near the villages of Andrïivka, Lozove and Bilohirka.

The bulletin this morning did not give any details about Kherson, but indicated that Russian forces had brought special forces to the neighboring city of Mykolaiv. “With the aim of carrying out offensive operations to recover lost positions”.

There was initially no comment from the Russian side on these claims from kyiv.

The Ukrainian offensive comes as new officials in the Kherson, appointed by the Kremlin, have already expressed interest in joining Russia. “Simple procedure”.

If Kerson falls back into Kiev’s hands, it will be a strong symbolic development, as the area was completely captured by the Russian army after its offensive on February 24. Added to this is the fact that Gershon is located strategically near the mouth of the Dnieper in the Black Sea, in southern Ukraine.

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