September 24, 2023

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The teeny tiny MCU mentioned in the article, merely a blimp on a giant devboard

New part day: the smallest ARM MCU competition rooted, need research

He called us [Cedric]tell us about it, Smallest MCU he’s ever seen – Howa HC32L110. For those of us into mini products, this Cortex-M0+ bundle packs a punch (PDF data sheet)With low power, high potential and rich accessories packed into a 1.6mm x 1.4mm piece of weldable silicone.

This is computing on the scale of a matchhead, with far more power than we could previously have access to at such a scale, just waiting for discord. Compared to ATTiny20 Also available in a WLCSP package, this is a noticeable increase in specs, with a more powerful CPU, 16x RAM, and 8-16x Flash! Not to mention that It’s $1 a piece in QTY1, which is about what ATTiny20 goes for. Being a BGA with a 0.35mm 16-pin pitch a typical board house may not be quite happy with you, but once you’ve got a laminated board and handed it off a patch of ground worth your salt, a few stencils and reflows will get you to an upgraded board straight away.

Disadvantages? There is no English datasheet or Arduino port, and the 67-page PDF we found doesn’t have a few things like recording mappings. LILYGO a promise They will start selling devboards soon, but we are sure that it will not be difficult for us to develop our boards. From there we hope ESP8266-like effect Gathering the missing information together, translating it and making it available little by little.

When it comes to soldering such small packages, we highly recommend reflow. However, if you decide to Go to the magnetic wire routeWe wouldn’t dare object – just be sure to send us photos. After all, miniature microcontrollers like the ATTiny20 seem attractive enough to suggest People will choose the craziest path Just to play with one. They say the madness of the brave the wisdom of life.

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We thank [Cedric] For sharing this with us!