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NFL trade rumours: Here’s how Lamar Jackson could end up in a 49ers uniform


Lamar Jackson’s necklace situation is beyond bizarre. The basically unrestricted free agent has been told before Baltimore Crows To prove that another team would give him the guaranteed money Jackson is looking for on the open market.

Jackson does not have an agent. Preseason negotiations stalled and after half a year, Lamar was officially awarded the non-exclusive franchise label. If you didn’t know any better, Jackson was a backup quarterback.

On social media Tuesday, several teams — not officially, but national reporters — who needed a quarterback eliminated themselves from the Jackson lottery. It was unlike anything we’d seen and felt like there was collusion.

Some players had different reactions:

Sure, there’s the connection to Jackson’s lack of an agent and his inability to strike a deal with Baltimore. But it’s more a reaction to Deshaun Watson’s foolproof demands.

How does that tie in the 49ers? Technically, there is a San Francisco way to get Lamar. Ostensibly, you have to send two first-round draft picks to Baltimore, one in 2023 and 2024, if you sign Jackson to an offer sheet and they decline. As we know, the 49ers do not have a first-round draft pick in this upcoming draft.

It’s the NFL, so there’s always a loophole. Teams could negotiate a deal with the Ravens where Jackson would sign his label and it would be dealt with on the spot. This may happen after the draft.

Leave it up ESPN’s Bill Barnwell to sort out this absurdity And he explained how Jackson fit in with the 49ers:

teams that do not have it king A first-round pick in 2023 (such as the 49ers or dolphins) Get Jackson without using a deck. In these cases, I would expect the Ravens to ask for nothing more than two first-round picks; Examples include including a first-round pick, a second-round pick, and a quarterback who could replace Jackson in the starting lineup.

You can see where this is going.

Barnwell gave reasons why the Niners should and should not consider a potential 49ers proposal. The argument against getting Jackson is due to the youth in the quarterback as well as having Trey Lance and Brock Purdy in rookie deals:

Both quarterbacks will be much cheaper than Jackson in the coming years, a crucial factor for a team that will really need to stretch to push its stars. Christian McCaffreyAnd Debo SamuelAnd George KeitelAnd Trent Williams And Fred Warner They are already among the highest paid players in the league at their position. Nick Bosa And Brandon Ayuk You become eligible for extensions in that season, and Talanoa Hofanga will follow next year. Can the 49ers really throw $50 million a year into the mix with Jackson?

On that assumption, the 49ers would almost certainly be forced to cancel one of their biggest contracts. If not, Paraag Marathe has its work.

Here’s what a potential deal could look like for both sides:

What will the deal look like? Lance will have to return to the Crows, but will Baltimore feel the same way Shanahan & Co. did two years ago? These two teams should get creative. How about Lance, Aiyuk, and a 2024 first-round pick for the Ravens to Jackson and a 2024 fourth-round pick? I think the 49ers are more likely to stay in the middle outside of adding a veteran backup like Matt Ryan.

Lance is guaranteed to be part of the package. It’s the other piece I’ve been struggling to part with. Would you prefer to move from Brandon Ayoke or Dipo Samuel? For me, this is the last, especially with Christian McCaffrey under contract.

And as far as it sounds, the 49 Racers ranked #15 out of 15 in the Barnwell rankings, this is a team that leaves no stone unturned.

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