June 24, 2024

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Nintendo Shutting Down Pokémon DP Sound Library after only 3 months

Nintendo Shutting Down Pokémon DP Sound Library after only 3 months

Nintendo is shutting down the Pokémon Sound Library later this week, just three months after launching the service.

As I mentioned EurogamerThe Pokemon DP Audio Library – which allows creators to legally download and use sound effects and music from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl – will cease to exist as of May 31.

The move is quite unexpected as Nintendo so heavily promoted the audio library when it launched in February, even teaming up with Japanese performer and DJ Alan Shirahama to release a single that uses only Pokemon music.

Although its association was not confirmed, the service also launched shortly after Nintendo removed several videos from the GilvaSunner video game music channel on YouTube, prompting its owner to delete the channel altogether. So the Pokémon Sounds Library was seen as a viable, safe and completely legal way for Nintendo fans to enjoy hard-to-find music.

No reason was given for the shutdown, as the audio library now simply displays a message that users can no longer stream or download sounds after 2AM PT on May 31.

Users who have already downloaded files from the website can continue to use them as long as such use abides by the audio library’s terms and conditions, although it is currently unclear whether or not they will change after the website is closed.

The audio library contains 149 different tracks and sound effects from the original 2006 versions of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl but does not contain any of the updated music from last year’s releases, and fans can continue to download these files until the service closes.

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We’ve contacted The Pokémon Company for comment.

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