Thursday, July 25, 2024

No Man’s Sky Goes Roguelike With Leviathan Space Whale Update


An explorer runs through a strange world towards a huge alien whale floating in the sky.

screenshot: hello games

next one No Man’s Sky expansion All about space whales. Well, well there is a brand new roguelike-style expedition that players can tackle as well but come on. Space whales, baby.

Today’s update, called “Leviathan”, sees what’s phenomenal No Man’s Sky The universe gets a little bigger with the introduction of the aforementioned huge animals and a challenging mission that players will need to conquer together. Losing one life means starting the whole thing over with new gear, but the more it gets, the more No Man’s Sky Society, reaching the end will be easier for everyone.

Here’s how No Man’s Sky studio Hello Games describes what the Leviathan update brings to the table:

The difficulty appeared in several ways, but each death meant resetting the loop and loading the new proc-gen. To make it easier to complete the ultimate goal of getting out of the loop with just one life, the community can work together towards a global enduring goal that permanently improves the quality and frequency of upgrade rewards found during each episode. It’s completely different from anything players have experienced No Man’s Sky by and brings a new feel to the universe.

The story reveals itself as players work alongside Specialist Polo and “Leviathan”, a large and majestic alien creature shrouded in legend and mystery.

No Man’s Sky Players who overcome the update challenges can look forward to unlocking new cosmetics as well as adding a tentacled alien whale to the frigate fleet.

A hot Leviathan update comes on the heels Previous No Man’s Sky Update “Outlaws”which added a host of criminal activities related to the underworld and improved the game’s ever-growing space combat in April.

It’s become a bit of a cliché these days to talk about the long run No Man’s Sky It’s been coming since its disappointing 2016 release, but damned. I hope the folks at Hello Games remember to take a breath and drink water now and then, because it’s starting to look like they spend every waking moment working on this wonderful space.

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