June 24, 2024

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NVIDIA Jetson powers the real-time Iron Man HUD

NVIDIA Jetson powers the real-time Iron Man HUD

If you could recreate any of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit capabilities in real life, it would likely be the ability to fly, super strength, or perhaps even a palm-mounted laser that can cut through any obstacle in your path. But let’s be real, all of these things are very hard to try to pull off. Plus you’ll most likely end up accidentally killing yourself in the backyard.

But judging by the videos he posts, [Kris Kersey] It does a great job by creating a functional display (HUD) similar to what Tony uses in the movies. He even builds it into a 3D-printed Iron Man helmet, with an NVIDIA Jetson board powering the display inside a box-mounted “Arc Reactor.” Goes into more detail about the project and its goals in the file An interview recently published on NVIDIA’s own blog.

Dual 2K 120Hz displays provide sharp visuals

HUD appears [Kris] Huge amount of information, such as current compass heading, GPS position on a moving map, head tilt angle, and different indoor and outdoor temperatures. Perhaps most impressively, it uses the computational power of the Jetson Nano to perform real-time object detection that highlights individuals as they enter its field of view. While this last function doesn’t seem to have a practical application, HUD vision quickly introduces a targeting grid on everyone for sure look Like something out of a science fiction movie.

In the first video below, [Kris] It takes the viewer through the process of building and testing the HUD system, which includes a lot of footage recorded through the helmet’s digital eyes. In the second video, he gives an update on HUD performance when he swapped out an original NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX board for a newer NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano — which we got a look at when it was released back in March.

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This isn’t actually the first time we’ve seen someone build their own Iron Man helmet using a digital display. But with all due respect to those previous attempts, what [Kris] Doing it here doesn’t just level up – it launches it into orbit.