April 19, 2024

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Nvidia's Geforce Now RTX 3080 Tier Now Available at a Monthly Cost • Eurogamer.net

Nvidia’s Geforce Now RTX 3080 Tier Now Available at a Monthly Cost • Eurogamer.net

Nvidia has revealed a new monthly price for the premium RTX 3080 on Geforce Now.

Available for £17.99 a month, the service will give you access to the RTX 3080 GPU and all the extra benefits, including raytracing, 1440p 120FPS gaming on PC and 4K HDR gaming with the Nvidia Shield TV.

This level was previously only available as part of a six-month package, but with the new monthly option, you can try out the service without a long-term commitment.

Nvidia’s Geforce Now is probably the best streaming service available in terms of technical specifications, with Digital Foundry Gives Grade 3080 High Praise In his analysis in January.

Given the current silicon shortage and high prices from both retailers and of course speculators, Geforce Now may appeal as an affordable way to experience high-end PC gaming.

Besides the monthly RTX 3080, GeForce Now will also get six more games this week. Pirate! , Far Worlds 2, Ironsmith Medieval Simulator, Bus Driver Simulator, Martha is Dead, and Survival Quiz CITY.

However, it should be noted that unlike Xbox Game Pass, a Geforce Now subscription does not give you access to any games. Instead, you’ll need to link your Steam or Epic Games Store account to the service and access games purchased from your library.

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