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Olaf Scholes got into the White House to show a united front against Moscow


Washington bans Russian judges from trying Kara-Mourza

The United States announced a new round of sanctions against six Russian officials and magistrates responsible for the arrest and trial of Russian adversary Vladimir Kara-Moursa. “Spreading Misinformation” About the conflict in Ukraine.

Historian and Human Rights Defender Mr. Kara-Mourza, 41, was arrested in Moscow in April 2022 after taking a stand against the Russian invasion and faces up to thirty-five years in prison. Russian officials are alleging the content of a speech he gave to elected officials in Arizona He took a stand against the regime [Vladimir] War Crimes Committed by Putin and Members of the Russian Armed Forces »asserts Treasury Department in a statement.

The persons targeted by the sanctions were the Deputy Minister of Justice, Oleg Sviridenko, the judge in charge of the investigation, Elena Lensskaya, the investigator appointed by the authorities, Andriy Sadachin and Danila Mikheev, who intervened as experts. Mr Kara-Mourza’s investigation. Two other judges, Diana Mishchenko and Ilya Kozlov, have also been targeted.

All are targeted by sanctions “Their Involvement in Serious Human Rights Violations Against Vladimir Gara-Moursa” Under the Magnitski Act, it allows the United States to sanction those responsible for this type of violation. The law, adopted in the United States in 2012 and named after a Russian lawyer who died in custody after uncovering a corruption scandal, allows the administration to impose economic sanctions against anyone responsible for human rights abuses. the world

The sanctions provide for the freezing of assets of related persons in the United States and of companies in which they are directly or indirectly majority shareholders. Added to this are sanctions issued by the State Department barring six people and their relatives from entering the United States. This type of legislation has been implemented by the European Union and the UK and Canada.

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