February 25, 2024

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One killed and one wounded in Russian attack in Kherson region

One killed and one wounded in Russian attack in Kherson region

Cover Image: A vegetable oil factory destroyed by a Russian missile strike in the Poltava region of central eastern Ukraine on August 28, 2023. Ukrainian President Press Ser / via REUTERS

  • Evgeny Prigogine’s death was confirmed by the Russian investigative team based on the results of genetics expertise. Russian Civil Aviation confirmed on Wednesday that Yevgeny Prigozhin’s name was on the list.
  • Ukrainian forces advanced “especially” sur le front sud, selon l’Institute for the Study of War. According to an American think tank, The Ukrainian army recently conducted “Significant new tactical advance” Now appears in Robotin, in the province of Western Zaporizhia “Within Strike Range of Next Set of Russian Defense Positions”. The Ukrainians would have breached the toughest Russian defense line in the region and could now advance quickly.
  • According to the Ukrainian military, one hundred thousand Russian soldiers are stationed in the Kubiansk-Lyman sector. Their bombardments are intensifying, Ilya Yevlach, a spokesman for the Ukrainian military’s eastern forces group, said on Sunday.
  • Ian Petrovsky, the leader of the Rusich militia, was arrested in Finland and was about to go to France. According to a Finnish newspaper Helsing’s Sanomat newspaper, the soldier managed to enter Finnish territory on July 19 from Russia under the false name of Voislav Dordan, and intended to settle there with his wife and their three children. He was arrested the next day in Helsinki as he and his family prepared to leave for France.
  • Ukraine announces second cargo ship leaves Odessa port despite grain deal The cargo was barred at the port of Odessa through a temporary corridor set up after the failure to renew the Black Sea Grain Agreement.
  • Russian warplane shoots down US drone over Black Sea A Russian Su-30 takes off to intercept an American MQ-9 Reaper drone from crossing its Black Sea border.
  • Romania will participate in the training of Ukrainian pilots on the F-16. In an interview Financial TimesRomanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolagu explains that Romania will double the capacity of its main port on the Black Sea and open its navigation channels on the Danube within two months to help Ukraine ship its grain out of Russia.
  • Volodymyr Zelensky confirms that his country will agree with the US Similar security guarantees For those who benefit from Israel – In a long interview, whatever party is in power is validUkrainska Pravda Ukraine was released on Sunday evening. However, the Ukrainian president is aware that such an agreement must be approved by Congress. He expects an invitation to join NATO and announces his intention to introduce a bill that would equate wartime corruption with high treason.
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