January 17, 2022

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One study sheds light on the very different reliability of self-tests

More than one of the five tests analyzed by the researchers did not show a sufficient sensitivity rate to effectively detect the virus.

According to a German comparative study conducted by Paul-Earlich Medical Institute, Robert Koch, their reliability can vary greatly depending on the model if the Govit-19 self-tests are quick and practical to test themselves during the holidays. Institute and the Berlin Foundation Hospital, and Its results were released on November 4th. Be careful in their use.

Of the 122 antigenic tests evaluated, the researchers report that 26 trials did not show a sufficient sensitivity rate to accurately diagnose cases of Govit-19, or more than one in five. The remaining experiments met all the criteria set by the scientists and some of them showed excellent results.

Sensitivity rate for the virus ranges from 30 to 100%

Only experiments that showed at least 75% susceptibility to the virus were considered effective by researchers, but many tests did not reach this milestone. The sensitivity level of self-tests can vary greatly, ranging from 30 to 100% depending on the results of the study.

Among the most reliable testsThe researchers identified self-examination by Guangdong Longsee Laboratory, Lifecosm Bitech Laboratory (both 100% sensitive) and CITEST diagnostic laboratory (98%). The test by the French laboratory Doda Pharma is one of the best ratings with 86% sensitivity.

On the other hand, tests by Amazing Biotech and Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech laboratories (both showing only 30% sensitivity) did not meet sufficient criteria for an effective diagnosis of Govit-19 infection.

Self-tests are effective during a specific period of viral infection: 5 to 7 days after the onset of symptoms, when the virus load is high, according to the researchers. The study found that if used in this case and used as a reliable model, they would be useful in quickly detecting cases and controlling the spread of the virus.

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The most reliable PCR tests

The study reminds us that as with all antigenic tests performed in pharmacies, self-tests are less reliable than PCR tests performed in the laboratory. If a positive antigen test occurs, it is best to perform a PCR test to confirm that it is not with Covit-19.

Currently the government mandate authorizes the sale of self-tests in supermarkets from December 27 to January 31 due to high pollution rates and year-end celebrations.